A strange feeling

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"Dorm 135," The assistant principal stated blankly handing me a schedule and a key.

"Thanks." This school is alot more drab than I had expected.

Hm, dorm 135

dorm 135

dorm 135...

Ug where is it?! Ill end up breaking my back lugging my stuff around campus all day.

I looked at the doors.

132, 133, 134, 135!

I took out my key and opened the door. Two sides of the room, the left side was on the same side as the bathroom with a little bed in the corner. The right side had the same little bed in the corner with a shabby computer desk. Cabinets were on each corner for storage. I'll take the bed on the right side.

I toss my belongings on the bed and started unpacking. I put my clothes in the cabinet above my bed and my CDs in ths cabinet around the shelf, I put my laptop on my computer desk along with some picture frames, and I put my electric guitar next to my bed on its stand. It still looked drab so I started hanging up my posters. Green Day, P!ATD, and a movie poster from the film Pitch Perfect. I zhoved my suite case under the bed and laided down to enjoy my bat girl comic book.

I heard the door knob rattle. That must be my roommate! I hope its not some preppy blonde, which I cant judge blondes, I was born blonde its just dyed black and blue.

"Hello?" They ask as they unlock the door.

He walked in, shaggy black raven hair, piercingly bright hazel eyes, he was wearing a Smashing Pumpkin tee shirt and he was a little chubby. I got a case of the butterflies.


"Hi im Gerard." He waved, hey, he has an awkward pinky.

I stood up.

"Im Jovie, Jovie Hamilton."

"I guess im goning to be sharing a room with you." He did a cute over smile.

Wait, Cute?! Whats gotten into me..

"So- What are you here for?" He asked as he started putting his undies in his cabinet.

"Art. You?"

"Oh, im taking art too but my main course will be music."

An awkward silence fell.

"Im sorry im not very good at talking to girls..." He looked nervous, kinda predictable, like he would of had the same high school reputation at me. Always judged and picked on. I couldn't tell why girls wouldn't want to talk to him. He seemed nice, sweet, and in my opinion, a little cute.

"Well im your new roommate so thats means im your new friend, so what do you want to do?"

I'm usually not this outgoing 'lets be friends' person but, I don't know, there was something about him...

"Um, I wanna show you some people around campus. " He made his way towards the door.

I followed. We kept walking until we made it to room 463. Gerard knocked on the door.

A short man with black hair with tattoos opened the door.



Gerard and 'Frankie' hugged. Frankie kissed him on the cheek.

Woah woah woah.

Gerard must have seen my startled expression and blushed.

"Oh, no. This is Frank Iero, my best friend. Ephesus on the friend."

"Im straight." Frank said bluntly.

"Im Jovie." I held out a hand.

"Oh no, we hug around here!" Frank engulfed me in a bear hug.

"Your crushing me!" I squeak.

Frank looks at me then at Gerard.

"Is this your girlfriend?"

Me and Gerard simultaneously blush.

"Uh, no this is my friend/ roommate." He explained.

"Roommate eh? So your going be sharing a room for a while with this girl?" Frank winked.

"Did you find out who your roommate is yet." Gerard quickly said, trying not to make this awkward.

"Oh yeah." Frank turns to his dorm.


A guy with a huge afro steps out of the dorm.

"Gerard, Jovie, this is Ray, Ray this is Gerard and Jovie." Frank introduced us.

"Hey." He smiled as we shook hands.

"Hey do you guys wanna head down to the commons to get something to eat?" Frank suggested.

"Yeah im starving!" I haven't eaten anything today.

As we walk down to the commons I find out Frank and Ray are here for music, they both play guitar.

Us four sit at a small table in the corner, I thought wrong when I assumed college would be different from high school. All the clicks sat at their own table.




And of course the outliers, us.

"Hey guys!" I see two people making the way to our table.

One has black hair up in a ponytail wearing an outfit thats similar to a school girl she has some tattoos on her arm.

One is a tall lanky guy that has his hair up in a in a pink mohawk.

"Hi Jimmy!" Frank waves.

"Hi lyn-z!" I saw Gerard blush in the corner of my eye.

Jimmy sat between Frank and Ray and Lyn-z sat down right next to Gerard, I felt something in my stomach drop just seeing the way he looked at her.

Am I sick or something?

"Hi im Lyn-z." She said politely and shook my hand.

"Jovie." I told her my name too.

"And im Jimmy! The one everyone wants to fuck!" Jimmy blurts.

"Just ignore him." Lyn-z smiles.

Lyn-z was telling us that she wants to turn her bass playing into a career and Gerard and Frank spent the whole time throwing chicken nuggets at each other.

Lyn-z took out her phone.


"I got to get to class guys, bye." Lyn-z grabbed her tray and left.

"Wanna go back to the dorm curfews in 20 minutes." Gerard nudged me.

"Yeah lets go." I got up.

As we walked away I saw Frank waggle his eyebrows. I rolled my eyes.

"So do you like the school." Gerard asks.

"Yeah actually." I was surprised I met such cool people.

"Do you like Lyn-z?" I blurted.

Dammit! Im stupid.

Gerard blushed and widen his eyes.

"Is it that obvious?"

I felt a strange pain in my chest, how could I feel this way, I literally just met this guy.

"Iv know her since 8th grade, we're good friends but no girl has ever liked me."

I like you.


I mentally slapped myself.

Iv never liked anyone before.


Hopefully this chapter was decent.

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