8) Acts Of Kindness (In The 21st Century!!) And Other Things That Shouldn't...

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8) Acts Of Kindness (In The 21st Century!!) And Other Things That Shouldn't Happen

Why, for heaven's sake, had Thijmen helped Benjamin? Ben had done nothing to deserve his kindness. He ignored him, treated him like scum and, in return, Thijmen ate his disgusting soup for him.

Nothing about that was logical.

Ben should probably just accept the help and not question the good things in life, but he was curious. He needed to know why Thijmen had done that for him.

After everyone had gone to their rooms, Ben slowly walked through the long hall until he was standing in front of Thijmen's door.

Was he really going to do it?

He sighed.

Better now than never.

His knuckles landed on the door. Ten seconds went by. Then, the Dutch opened his door and looked down at Benjamin with a raised eyebrow. He leaned forward and asked, "what's up, Bennieboy?"

Oh, for heaven's sake, not another nickname. If Benjamin had had the balls to, he would've replied with 'the sky, Thijman', but that would probably be self-humiliation, so he spared himself that. Instead, he opened his mouth as if to speak, then closed it, then contemplated the universe's grandiosity.

Dammit, this was hard. "D-do," he croaked out, "Do you... I... w-want to..."

"In English," said Thijmen.

"Why did you help me back there at the table I want to know is it because you are secretly a nice person or because you have a horrible taste of food or because you wanted to show how the kids eat in Spinkylinky--"


Benjamin nodded.

"You looked like you were legit nauseous, so I saved you from dying."

"But... why?"

He sighed. "Because you were punished for something I made you do. That's not fair."

"O-oh... what's not fair?"

Thijmen must have grown used to Benjamin's breathtaking eloquence, because he didn't even frown or look confused anymore. "You getting grounded," he explained, calmly. "Detention. School. I know you were pissed. And then crying, with the soup."

Was he? Benjamin didn't bother denying it, anyway. "Thank you," he mumbled.

Thijmen looked like he was about to add something, then stopped. Was Benjamin saying 'thank you' that much of a shock? Upon blinking, surprised, Thijmen replied, "you're welcome."

A moment of awkward silence went by. Ben was about to turn around and walk away, but the sound of Thijmen's low voice stopped him. "Come in."

Once again, Ben paused.

What was he going to do to him in there? Force him to do drugs? Brainwash him so he'd kill his parents in their sleep? Reveal a baby dragon and murder it in cold blood before his eyes? Reveal his true identity as Bowser getting fed up with Mario's crap and wanting, instead, to find a new princess to kidnap?

But the welcoming look on his face looked genuine and, after sacrificing himself at the dinner table, he seemed pretty trustworthy, despite weird hobbies like destructing his own lungs.

If anything went wrong, Ben could always still jump out the window.

"Uh, okay," he muttered, slowly stepping past the boy that invited him in.

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