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"Why are you here Naomi?!" Will yelled at me. 

"Uh- come inside," I said nervously making room for him to come in. He glared at me and walked toward the couch and sat down without greeting anyone. I closed the door and pulled my beanie down. I walked toward the couches and sat down. "So Will, this is Keith," 

"Sup mate," He greeted with his thick Australian accent. Instead of greeting Keith, Will just glared at him. 

"Why- are- you- here?!" He yelled emphasizing every word. 

"Last night I went street fighting and fought Mark, I passed out and Mark and Dylan were nice enough to take me to the Hospital. The nurse told them that I was fine and they knew that if they brought me back to you, you would literally kill them so they brought me to Dylan's house," I explained but that didn't make his glare soften at all. 

"You are in so much trouble Naomi!" He yelled. "Why did you go street fighting?"

"I was trying to earn the $400.00 we needed to buy a house," I muttered looking down. His glare hardened even more if that's even possible. His eyes were twitching which usually happened when he was furious. 

"I told you that I could earn it myself!" He yelled. 

"I wanted to help, it would've taken you a long time to earn $400.00 working at Walmart," I told him. "Dylan, Mark and Keith were nice enough to give us $400.00 for my birthday, we can finally buy a house!" I exclaimed with a huge smile. 

"They did?" He asked and I nodded. "Thanks guys," 

"Your welcome," Mark, Dylan and Keith said in unison. 

"You're still in a lot of trouble Naomi," He said glaring at me while I handed him the money. "I'm gonna go and look for houses, you stay here and I come and pick you up," He got up and motioned for me to get up as well. I got up and he slapped me in the face. I felt a stinging sensation on my right cheek. "That was for going street fighting," He slapped me in the face again. "And that was for telling people our secret," 

He turned around and walked out the door. "Are you okay?" I heard Dylan ask. 

"I'm fine," I said laying on the couch. Dylan got up and walked into the kitchen. He came back out with three big macs. "Oooh, can I have some?" 

"In ten minutes," He said. I sat up and stared at the clock watching the seconds go by.

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

"Guys, I'm bored," I said. 

"Dylan can we play hide n seek?" Mark asked. 

"Yeah can we?" I asked smiling at Mark while he smiled back. 

"No," Dylan replied dryly. 

"Fine," I said frowning. 

"Do you guys wanna hear a joke?" I asked.

"No," Dylan and Keith said in unison. 

"Yes," Mark said. 

"What does a nosey pepper do?" I asked.

"I don't know,"

"It gets jalapeno business," I told them laughing with Mark while Keith and Dylan just looked at Mark and I in a weird way. 

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