Chapter 1

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What concerns me most is the idea of not being able to fit, within a group or rather within a society. I wasn't the one who fancied around with a spell bound smile or ecstatic glares. In fact, I can preferably call myself someone good for nothing. I wasn't attractive in the first place. I was just average. Blonde curls and lifeless green eyes, I looked just like a typical countryside girl with not so blunt nature. But, I was smart. I speak through my eyes or so I have been told. I don't meddle with others business unless you seek to earn my interest . Above all I was simply a girl with a very normal life which seemed to be abnormal because of the extent of its normality. Thinking over,

I couldn't help but glance at the gentleman sitting right across me. I peek a glance through my eye lashes eying him precisely. What made him come to me?

Made me cross check myself!

It surely wasn't my tactics because in first place I don't have one. Not money either, I can hardly suffice buying a new pair of shoes. Then what? A favour for? I have nothing to offer unless that goes by the trap named morality, ha impossibilities. he angles his manicured fingers elegantly in my direction gaining my attention. Its been past fifteen minutes that we seemed to play this game. Staring. Analysing. Thinking. Analysing I had an urge to roll my eyes but it would reveal too much of my expression, and I couldn't afford that. I was a mystery for everyone and I like it that way. Me initiating conversation with him would mean that I am interested in knowing his reasons for intruding my privacy sitting on my occupancy. If I remain silent there is a possibility that his mind might actually convince him that I am submissive and the advantage of staring is ----

"Emerald May Roberts, a struggling adult in the heaps of Washington's adversities. Twenty four and still immature. Brilliant but broke. No family. No friends. No acquaintances. Hates being reminded about her financial status, loves Chinese. Has a special place for old and despises children. Has her mother's ring as a memory and thanks god to never have met her father. Loves going to church, regrets being antisocial. Feels mighty. Acts mighty. God knows the truth, isn't mighty."

I felt my hands sweat. The dark brooding stranger trails on without breaking the eye contact. No even for a second. Don't cower away. Don't cower away.

"And finally, works in a library but dreams to earn a qualification to pursue law. Pity."

His coarse voice reminded me of the reality. Truth hurt. Stinging bitch. He read my thoroughly. Completely. Yet for reasons unknown I hated feeling belittle in front of this man. I never met him, never seen him, as far as I remember but have a desperate need to look good in his books. I have lost my sanity.

With the strength building and the calculating look in my eyes I decided to take over this particular dilemma

"Still a wonder, men in a tailored suit love stalking strangers? Never felt this commercial sir, haven't you? Going around the history of a commoner. Tsk. How embarrassing would that be?"

He raises his brow and his dark hair seem to encompass  his Sculptured face into a bulging villain. A Satan. A charming man, with the dirtiest motive. It ignites my long lost fear, but the question is why was it fueling my anticipation.

"On the contrary, I meddle with issues which affect my priorities. I hate to break the news Ms.Roberts but things have been devised as such, you could be behind the bars."

"reasons? Not surely being disinterested to speak to a certain gentlemen."

A deep chuckle emitsoff from his firm lips and I hold my breath. This first time, my wall of defence is seeming to melt. This first time I'm losing my calm. The first time I am enjoying a persons mocking chuckle, an uncanny motive.

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