Author's Note

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         Author's Note 

            Hey there!

            Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at my story. Imaginer is still in its beginning stages. Tentatively inching its way into existence, you could say. So please, bear with me as my characters trundle through a developing plotline while tripping over grammatical errors and awkward sentences. As always, con-crit is very welcome, but those one-liners make me smile just as much :) <- See? Everyone knows stories don't get anywhere without feedback, so let's hear some, yeah? 


            Now, shoo! What actually needs reading is the story itself, so, may I present to you, dear Watties (if that's what you call yourselves), Imaginer.

The picture seen in the multimedia portion of this page is the original photo used for Imaginer. I can't for the life of me find the link to it, but I do want you guys to know that I found the picture on, and that the image, by no means, belongs to me, save for the title.

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