Chapter 1: Fateful Encounters

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The sounds of the wind knocking the ocean against the nearby beach and rustling the trees are the only things breaking the absolute calm and silence always lingering in the area. Giving off an air that is the epitome of a quiet seaside town. This isn't your ideal vacation destination, but merely a place where older couples wait out the rest of their days within the peaceful town that seems to be as natural as the surrounding forest. The type of place children dream of leaving to depart on adventures away from the quiet life of the small town, or just somewhere wandering adventurers merely pass through or stay overnight. Having the bare minimum of a few houses-around 8 or so- a building with a large orange roof for travelers to visit and rest(known as a Pokémon center), and a small blue shop that provides everything the town could need. The one thing that does stand out however is the building next to the Pokémon center. It is about the same size as the center but is a dull gray color. Previously the home of a famous professor years ago ,but is merely has a large red letters SANDGEM OFFICIAL DEPARTMENT OF TRAINER LICENSING with a small sign on the clear glass door that reads "Do not disturb testing in progress".

Inside the dimly colored building several people are taking an exam that has the potential to change their life. Sandgem-though not the only town with a licensing department-has the only department in the region that accepts out of region applicants. Unlike years earlier the requirements to become a trainer have become more strict and much more challenging to complete. (Not to mention the age requirement being increased to 16) Aspiring trainers spend years studying everything from typings to status conditions to even the Pokédex information for many pokemon. This was all do to events 15 years ago that brought to the Pokémon League's attention just how dangerous being a trainer and roaming the region really is, but the trainers inside this building are only thinking of how much they want to earn the right to travel with their chosen Pokémon partners. Each trainer is required to have a letter of recommendation from a Pokémon Professor, Gym Leader, or member of a Pokémon League(or some special exceptions) as well as a starting pokemon to be able to take the test. Very few pass this test however, making those who do very likely to become successful in their lives.

Outside of the testing center there is a large oak tree standing in the middle of the town under this tree a young girl is sitting down next to a small fox like pokémon while scrolling the white tablet in her lap deciding where she should be headed next. She is average height for a girl her age-around 5'2". With long blonde hair that reaches to her mid back that has a small X shaped purple and black hair pin, and also almost covers up her right eye. Her eyes are a soft brown, but are usually obscured by her black glasses. She has a decently white and fair complexion which is mostly covered due to her long-sleeved red button up, white pants and has sneakers. Over the shirt she is wearing she has a grey sleeveless jacket which has several pockets.She is the only one already finished with the exam that didn't just give up and go home defeated. Even though the test is supposed to take someone around an hour and a half, but she somehow finished in 30 minutes while still acing the test with a 97 (which is already a high score on its own even while taking the full allotted time).

While the girl is in the middle of examining a map on her tablet a young boy exits the building and also walks towards the tree. He is a tall darkly complected boy around 6'1, but strangely enough for his skin tone he has hair that is a dark maroon color matching the patch of scruff on his chin. He also has an abundance of freckles on his face although his nose and left cheek are covered by a bandaid and a bandage. He is decently built, not to an extreme, but enough for it to at least be noticeable especially in the black tank-top and ripped up worn out jeans with black and red high-top shoes, not to mention the necklace that is red with three white circles. He gives off a calm aura that seems as if he isn't very approachable or easy to talk to. His partner however is a small mischievous looking panda pokémon with a leaf hanging from its mouth who seems very excited about something. The boy is the second student to finish the test passing with a 94 however he took almost double the time of the girl to finish the exam. Walking to the tree he notices the girl sitting there on her tablet and recognizes her as the first one to finish the exam. Obviously trying to decide whether or not to initiate a conversation he takes a seat under the same tree as the girl.

Finally deciding on what to say the boy clears his throat and says " did you do on the test?" hoping this was enough to at least start a conversation. The girl looking up from her tablet to see the boy (who she had not noticed him approaching) looks for a moment before smiling and replying "I got a 97. What did you get if you don't mind me asking?" Relieved to actually receive an answer "I made a 94 actually. I'm pretty excited to begin my adventure, oh sorry for being rude I forgot to introduce myself. My name's Taico what about yours?" "My name is Akame. Nice to meet you." Before the conversation had a chance to continue we hear a loud voice coming from the direction of the licensing department.

"Uuuuuugh finally that took fooooreeever" said a green haired guy walking towards the tree. Being just a bit shorter than Taico-around 5'8-he is wearing a blue long-sleeve shirt with khakis and sneakers. He is walking proudly with a smug grin across his face and if arms behind his head with a small yellow spider pokémon is sitting calmly on his head his Sharpedo tooth necklace is bouncing with every step. Confidence seems to be flowing from him to an extreme extent. He walks up to us very smugly before saying "So you are the others that passed the exam ?" he laughs a little "Those other guys must of not tried at all that test was a piece of cake I made an 82 without even trying . Oh by the way my name is Wally good too meet you guys. Hope we can be friends". "Nice to meet you I'm Akame and this is vulpix" Akame points to the vulpix next to her and it nods to Wally. She continues to say "and this is-" as she then gestures to Taico. "Hi I'm Taico, and this is my partner Pancham. Say hi pal." Pancham jumps up "Paaan!" before anyone else can say anything they are once again interrupted by a voice.

"FINALLY IT'S OVER AND I ACTUALLY PASSED! YEEEEEEEEEEES!!" Yells a boy who's is pumping his fist into the air. His Riolu is making the same pose and howling just as excited as it's trainer. Wally looks amused . "Well he seems interesting" he says. The boy is very tan and around Wally's height but a few inches taller. Dressed in a purple tank-top with a yellow sleeveless jacket along with his black cargo pants and sneakers. On his face we had square glasses that are a bit tinted and right below them on his left cheek he has a tattoo of a star and a drill shaped charm around his neck. Following Wally (for some reason) Akame and Taico walk over to the very loud and hyper guy-who is still yelling into the sky praising Arceus for his 70 which is the lowest possible passing grade-before stopping and debating on whether or not to actually talk to him, but it didn't matter what they thought cause Wally was already set on addressing the very strange yelling kid.

"Well hi there, man glad to hear you passed the test. Even if it was a little close. Aaanyway. My names Wally and these are my friends Taico and Akame what about you ?" Of course Taico is a little taken aback that he's just going around introducing him and Akame like he's known them forever. Akame just smiles and waves lightly. "Oh wow hello there it's great to meet you. I'm Kai, sorry if I got a little carried away I'm just so excited to pass the test I failed it last time in Hoenn"he says before laughing a little. Taico sighs after realizing he talks as much as Wally does. "So, what are you guys planning on doing now ?" Taico asks the group that had somehow formed in front of the department. "Ooo. There's a contest hall in Jubilife City that I absolutely haaaave to go to" exclaims Kai with obviously excitement in his voice. Akame tilts her head a little in confusion. " I'm sorry but what exactly is a contest hall?" she asks. Wally then replies " It's a place where coordinators go to compete in contest. It's actually almost as popular as gym battles." "Oh , well I don't know about contest but I am going to Jubilife City too" says Taico obviously still unsure about contests himself. Wally looks like he's thinking for a moment before saying "Well I guess I'm going to I didn't exactly plan this far ahead so might as well. Also I kinda lost my Sinnoh map so I'd probably get lost on my way there if I don't head with you guys" Akame is obviously surprised. " You didn't even plan what you were gonna do but you came all the way here?? How can you do that without thinking ahead ?" she says is an almost scolding tone. "Yeah I never do anything without thinking that's just kinda dumb." Kai says before laughing. Akame then looks at the others and says "Since it seems like we're all going to same place and I have a map why don't we travel together?" "That's cool with me but it's an hour walk and it's already getting dark so we should probably get a room at the Pokémon Center" says Taico looking at the darkening sky. "Yeah I guess that works let's go" replies Wally knowing full well he'ed get lost if he went by himself to Jubilife, but is still annoyed he can't just go by himself. "Okay then guys let's go !!" Kai exclaims while he runs into the center with riolu right behind him. Then of course there is the obvious yelling of the nurse Joy scolding him for running inside. "I guess we better follow" says Wally as he makes his way to Kai. Taico follows before turning to Akame and saying "Are you coming ?" She replies "Yeah I'm coming. I was just thinking about some things." before her and vulpix follow after them.

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