Chapter 34

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Erin's POV

I slowly peered my eyes open, and the first thing that came into view was my father's huge traditional oak desk. I turned my head upwards so that I was now looking up at the ceiling and sighed. Great, I was back home.

I attempted to sit up but instantly laid back down, wincing in pain. My right hand shot to the upper left side of my chest, my shoulder was burning with an explosion of sharp pain. I tugged on the collar of my sweater and seen that my chest was patched up. I quickly sat up on the couch regarding the pain, and removed my hoodie. The white spaghetti strap that i was wearing underneath had a couple dry blood stains on it, and I couldn't help myself from smiling knowing whether or not it was my own blood or someone else's.

I slowly started pealing the edges of the tape and removed the slightly stained gauze pad. And then there it was, the reason why I was hurting, a bullet wound. I scoffed to myself, he actually shot me.. I looked back down at the wound. I don't know how long I've been unconscious and the wound did seem to be healing, but it was sure taking its sweet time. I covered it taping it back up, and ran my hands through my hair.

I turned my head back at the slight sound of the door opening, expecting to see my father walk through it any second now, but it's not him.


She walks through the door holding a tray in her hands, a glass on top of the tray. "Miss Erin.." she murmurs, almost looking surprised to see me. "I-I didn't think you would be up yet. Your father said to drop this off for when you wake." She wanders over my way, handing me the glass filled with dark red liquid.

I take the glass looking up at her and see the same fear in her eyes that's always there, but this time they're filled with more. They're filled with sorrow and sadness, she stares at me with such sympathy. "I'm sorry for what happened.." she mutters softly under her breath.

Something about those five words triggers something inside of me. There's a sudden weight on my chest and it starts to feel like the room is closing in on us. I could feel all my emotions resurfacing as I stared at Ava. I couldn't let that happen, I couldn't let them make me weak. I wouldn't.

I smiled at her focusing on one thing and one thing only. I placed the glass of disgusting bag blood on the coffee table and stood up. I moseyed on over to her and she carefully took a step back, clinging onto the serving tray. Typical same old scared Ava. My arm shot out gripping her by the throat, suddenly feeling vengeful. Ava immediately dropped the tray on the ground, wrapping her pathetic human hands around mine.

"Why do you get to live and he doesn't?" I squeezed a little harder and she lets out a tiny wheezing sound, tears starting to roll down her cheeks. "You do understand that this is all your fault, right?" I tighten my grip once more. "He wouldn't have ever been here if it wasn't for you. We would've never met, if it weren't for you. He came here, specifically for you... to save you."

"P-p-ple-ase." she wheezes.

"Please?" I scoffed, grinning, "just like I begged my father to stop, only he didn't.. did he? But don't worry, sweet, delicate, Ava, I promise I'll make it fast. Now be a good girl and don't scream." I winked at her, slamming her against one of the grand windows, cracking it some and sunk my teeth into her neck. I drank deeply from her without her peeping a sound, which I found kind of boring but oh well. I retracted my fangs from her throat when I heard her heart beat start to slow down. I stood in front of her, watching her, my hand around her throat still holding her up. I gotta give to her though, with the amount of blood that I took from Ava she should be dead by now, but she was still hanging on, barely breathing might I add.

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