Chapter 57

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(Tonia Pov)

2 Days Later...

I Knew Exactly How They Worked. Tay Would Go And Tell Her Little Minion Tion Cause She Don’t Believe Me So She Wouldn’t Tell Gemini. Then Tion Would Ask Teddy Cause She Don’t Trust No One With Her Cousin. Then Of Course Teddy Would Tell His Bro. Then Gemini Would Be Right Where I Want Him. At My Door. I’m Sure TheyTold Gem What Happen Between Me And Tay At The House. I Know Gem Was Gone Be Downright Pissed. I Saw By My Window Waiting For Him To Pull Up He Had To Sooner Or Later And Then There He Was Coming Up The Drive Way.

"Came To Your Senses Huh?" I Asked After Swinging The Door Right Open. He Didn’t Even Get A Chance To Knock Or Ring The Door Bell.

"Your Obviously Out Of Yours" He Told Me.

"I Mean The Truth Sometimes Makes One Go Crazy" I Said.

"Tonia What’s Your Problem?" He Asked Me.

"You Missed Your Son By The Way" I Told Him While Completely Going Off Topic. "He Went To The Park With The Nanny" I Added.

In A Swift Move He Grabbed Me By My Neck And Took Me Into The House. After Gasping For Air And Begging Him To Let Go. He Finally Did By Throwing Me On The Ground. He Obviously Wasn’t Trying To Hear What I Had To Say.

"I Don’t Usually Put My Hands On Woman… But You Being The Dog That You Are… You Deserve It" He Told me.

"That’s No Way To Talk To Your Baby Momma" I Told Him.

"You Obviously Need Help" He Said With A Finger Pointed To My Face. "You With This Imaginary Ass Child… Don’t Play With Me Cause I Would Never Make That Mistake" He Told Me. "Now Listen" He Said Kneeling Down Beside Me.

"Listening" I Said With A Small Smirk As I Rubbed My Neck He Just Has No Idea What I Had In Store For Him. Is It Wrong That I Was Turned On.

"Stay The Fuck Away From Tay And Keep Our Names Out Your Mouth" He Added.

"Why Should I?" I Asked Him.

"If You Love Your Life.. You Would Do Exactly As I Say" He Told Me.

"And You Would Have Me Go Missing Like Janiq And Damien?" I Asked Him.

I Don’t Know Exactly What Happen To Janiq Or Damien But I Knew Gemini And His Posse Had Something To Do With It. Probably Why He Didn’t Say Anything Instead He Turned And Started Walking For The Door.

"See You Around Baby Daddy" I Said With A Smirk On My Face.

"Forget About Me" He Told Me As He Walked Out The Door.

He just Didn’t Know What I Had Stored For Him. Yeah I Had Another Son. I Didn’t Lie About That’s Just About Who Jamal’s Real Daddy Is. I Mean His Real Dad Don’t Want Him And I Conceived Him Around The Same Time I Had Sex With Gemini. Why Not Pin Jamal On Him.

"Kendall You Got All That?" I Asked.

"Got Everything" He Said.


(Tay Pov)

"Morning" I Said To Gemini As He Came Passed The Kitchen Ignoring The Fact Me And His Kids Were In His Kitchen.

"Morning" He Said Without Doubling Back.

I Had Kevin Help The Kids As I Went Upstairs To See What Was Up With Gemini. He Was In The Bathroom.

"Gemini?" I Said I Knocked On The Door.

"Yeah" He Said.

"You Good?" I Asked.

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