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Hiya guys

"Where the freak have you been!" 

Yeah ik it's been a while.......

"I'm so mad at you!"

You really should be because I would be.

"Are you going to continue the book?"

Yes, I've come way too far to quit.

Let me explain. So far I've been updating and editing the beginning of the first chapters to edit the book and make grammar corrections and better corrections in general. Since I've learned some new tricks about writing from my English teacher and my creative writing teacher. I went back and read my earlier chapters and cringe so hard at the wording and grammar I just had to fix it. I'm not finish but I thought that my readers at least deserved an explanation.

When I am done I will continue writing where I left off. No I did not abandon the book. 

Half of you probably deleted my book and left but thank you to the ones who stayed. I am very grateful.

If you are new, hiiii my name is Anna and I love you.

So yeah look forward to more chapters and slightly better but not perfect grammar for those of you who are grammar freaks or human autocorrect as I like you call you guys.

I love you and I missed y'all lol 😂

- xoxo Anna

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