Chapter 1 - HD Mystery

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I never thought that small things in life could contain an ocean of secrets.

The screen blinked a few time as my computer came to life, together with the raspy sound effect of assembling robotic material. A group of anime mechas drawn in clear but dull gloomy colors plastered the desktop background.

Today was awfully tiring.After barely managing to deliver a desperate report on chemistry and surviving a gruesome quiz on algebra that left my brain in hemorrhage, I was enthusiastic to play a game, most preferably, an MMO.The band of consoles in my room had already collected loads of dust,thanks to almost a week of inactivity.School and home were definitely taking the shit out of me.

A trio of knocks pounded the door which was followed by a soft voice,“Honey, I’ve brought you something.”

Surprised by the sudden arrival of the visitor, I quickly snatched a piece of cloth beside the table and used it to cover the monitor. Then I plunged into my cluttered bed, rolling over and pretending to read my notes. My hands were frantically shaking because of panic. “Come in, mom. The door’s not locked.”

 I don’t want her to see me in front of the computer. I was currently grounded for a month; deprived of internet usage but at least, not of electronic privileges.This punishment was more than enough to contain my addiction to games and I did not want another condition to the stack.Better suffer now than agonize later.

Mom entered with a tray filled with food and a glass of juice in her hands. I hopped off the bed and offered her my help which she gladly accepted.

Walking in teeny steps, I brought the tray to the study table as carefully as I could.Progress was slow but it was worth it because I was able kept the food from spilling. Most of the time, I am a total slapdash.

“You’ve been studying quite a lot lately, honey,” Mom said.

“Yeah, school’s becoming a pain, mom.”

Without a word, she approached and enclosed me in a tender embrace. Her beautiful hair flowed over her shoulder, some strands touched my face. The yielding feel of her cheeks tickled mine.“Just don’t overdo it and exhaust yourself, okay?” She whispered.

“Sure thing, mom.”

“Your dad is really proud of you,” she added, planting a kiss in my forehead.

Silence was my only reply as sadness came rushing over me.


A hefty feeling seemed bar down, all because of the shaded gray clouds that concealed the sun. I was a bit surprised when a fierce lukewarm breeze raged across the empty basketball court.Heaps of leaves were chasing each other, gliding and flipping over. It was amusing to watch the playful wind directing their destinations.

I glanced at my watch. It was quarter to four. A few students were strolling the creepy hallways.It seemed that everybody was eager to get home because of the incoming bad weather.

While on my way to the gate entrance, I kicked a small stone on the ground which rolled lazily further into the hall, producing shrill racketing echoes.Why’s everything so boring all the time?I didn’t understand myself why I was thinking like this but I couldn’t help it. The only thing that proves to be fun to me are video games; nothing more, nothing less.

My mind wandered off,immersed inskill-combo creation. Cyber-tech and space were what occupies my brain most of the time. I was a sucker in school but crafting plays and analytic thinking in games would draw out the hidden genius in me.

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