The rest of the night was really nice. It felt like a date, which I appreciated. Braxton and I got ice cream, walked along the beach, and kissed more than a few times. I know that we're soul mates and all that, but I still feel like I need to get to know Braxton before I can actually be in love with him. But I have definitely started falling for him already.

The four of us drove back to the pack in a comfortable silence. I was completely worn out by the time that we got back to the car, and nearly fell asleep the moment we started driving. For now, I just rest my head on the window, watching the trees wiz by. Braxton is still holding onto my hand. I don't pull away, enjoying the sparks that radiate from the contact. I feel... complete.

Eventually, the car rolls to a stop and I'm about to move to get out when I hear Natalie's voice. "Goodnight guys!"

I realize that we've stopped at Natalie and Asher's house to drop them back off, so I don't move.

I'm about to reply to her, but Braxton's quiet but angry voice stops me. "Shut up, she's sleeping."

I roll my eyes, sitting up. "It's fine, I've been awake Braxton."

He looks sorry but doesn't say anything.

"Have a good night," I say, turning in my seat to smile at both Natalie and Asher.

They get out and I give Natalie a small wave before Braxton pulls away.

"You didn't have to yell at Natalie," I tell him.

"I'm sorry. I thought you were asleep. You looked so peaceful, I didn't want anything to disturb you," he says.

"I was just watching the trees, looking at the stars," I mumble.

"Do you like stargazing?" Braxton asks me.

I nod. "Yeah, space is pretty cool."

"I'll take you stargazing sometime," Braxton offers as he pulls the car into the garage of his home. "When it's safer."

"That would be nice," I say, trying to hide just how excited I am about the prospect. This area is literally perfect for seeing stars, as it is not over contaminated by pollution.

I hop out of the car as soon as Braxton has it parked.

"You know I could have gotten the door for you," Braxton mutters as he follows me into the house.

"That's sweet but you don't have to hold open every door that's in my path," I tell him.

"Well what if I want to?" Braxton asks me, trailing after me as I walk into the living room.

"That's a really weird thing to be okay wi-" I stop short as I look at the completely undamaged living room.

"Weren't the windows in here shattered?" I ask, spinning around to face Braxton. "Didn't the entire living room get destroyed?"

"Yes," Braxton answers. "It's all been fixed."

"That fast?" I ask.

"You were out for a week, Brynlee," Braxton states, folding his arms over his chest.

"Oh yeah," I mumble, looking down in embarrassment that I managed to forget that detail.

"Are you tired?" Braxton asks me and I can detect concern in his tone.

"Yeah," I admit, unable to hold back a yawn.

Braxton smiles. "Let's go to bed," he says and I follow him up the stairs towards his room.

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