✖ Chapter Six ✖

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Healing Gabriel: Chapter Six


                                                                 ※(*)※Gabriel's POV※(*)※


      "Evan, baby!"

       Evan turned his back towards his locker in order to face the girl with dark brown hair as she came running at him. "Hey," he said with a laugh when she crashed into his arms. I felt a wave of envy flow through me.

      "Your eye is looking better," she said, standing on her tiptoes and placing a chaste kiss on his black eye. Ew. Public affection.

      "Yeah, I know. But it's too bad, I liked it. It made me look tough and sexy."

       The girl laughed, then glanced next to Evan and at me. "Oh. Who's that?"

      "Huh? Oh,"  Evan said, as if remembering I was there. He looked at me. I was staring at them with my eyebrows slightly furrowed and my lips pursed a bit. "Alana, this is Gabriel. Gabe, this is Alana," Evan introduced. I didn't say anything.

      "Hi, I'm Alana," she said, smiling at me. I did an awkward wave and nodded at her, trying my best not to offend her. "You're so cute!" she gushed. I guess it worked. I stared at her, confusion going through me as I wondered why she wasn't treating me like the others did.

      "He doesn't really talk much," Evan explained to her after a moment longer when I still hadn't replied.

      "You look really familiar," Alana said, eyeing me up and down. I hid my hands behind my back when she noticed them shaking. "Gabriel . . . hey, I remember now!" she said, her smile slowly dimming before leaving her face altogether.

       Her dark yet intense green eyes kept boring into mine, until finally, as if a lightbulb had just gone off in my head, I remembered her, too. "You're . . . her?" I asked in a quiet, flabbergasted voice.

       Her eyes watered instantly. She gave a curt nod, and then she ran off. "Alana, wait! Where are you going?" Evan called after her, but she kept up her quick pace and turned the corner. "Gabe, what'd you do?" he asked, turning towards me, a scowl on his face. Instinctively, I put up my arms to cover my head, leaning back a little. ". . . Gabe? What are you doing?"

      "Sometimes, I feel like I deserve to be hit when people become upset with me," I admitted, regaining my normal position. Evan's scowl was gone, only leaving an apologetic look in its trace.

      "Sorry, I didn't mean to," he said, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand. "But, what happened?"

      "Nothing, I just . . . I just remember her from the grocery store." I hated myself for lying to him, but I neither wanted nor needed to tell him the truth.

      "She seemed kind of freaked out."

      "Maybe she doesn't like me?" I suggested, shrugging.

      "She called you adorable."

      "You called me sweet . . ."

      "What does that have anything to do with this?"

      "You don't like me, yet you complimented me anyways, so--"

      "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Back it up. Back it way up. Do you honestly think that I don't like you?"

       I looked away from his gaze and did a slight nod. "I'm not the 'likable' type," I muttered.

      "Correct. You're the lovable type. Now stop being so damn depressing and cheer up."

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