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Mitch woke up with a smile, as his bundle of joy was cuddled up against his arm. Mitch kissed the baby on the forehead before picking him up, making sure not to wake him.

Mitch slowly walked down the stairs before lying Mason down on the couch and grabbing his jacket and mittens. He dressed Mason along with some booties before he slipped on his coat and shoes and walked out to his car to buckle Mason up and get into the front seat to drive off.

He pulled into his parents drive way where his mother was waiting for him on the porch. He grabbed the car seat and baby bag and handed them to his mom, Nel.
"Thanks for watching him while I go to work. I can't thank you enough." Mitch hugged his mom.
"No problem, baby. I'd watch this little tike anytime. He's precious." Nel smiled, he eyes wrinkling as her cheek became more prominent.

Mitch thanked her again before going to work.

Mitch sighed before he got out of his car and walked into the back of the building where he hung his coat in a locker and put a double pad lock on the tab.

He grabbed his name tag and walked into the open area where he found his best friend, Kirstie, giving him her signature side smirk.
"Hey babe. How've ya been?" She hugged him. Mitch sighed.
"I've been doing well. Mason's started teething and he's been breaking things more often. It's such a hassle." Mitch ran a hand through his growing hair.
"Don't worry hun. It'll be all worth it in the end." Kirstie rubbed his back.
"Thanks Kirstie." He smiled at her. She returned it with her own.

Mitch worked as a chef at a restaurant know as Kerbecs' Kitchen. It was the most popular restaurant in town and payed decent money.

Mason was giggling happily as Mike made funny faces. Nel smiled fondly, remembering when Mike used to do the same thing with Mitch when he was a baby.

Mason ended up grabbing Mike's mustache and smiled when Mike yelped in pain.

Nel rubbed Mason's hand to make him let go of Mike before picking him up and giving his one of the teething toys that was in the baby bag after she cleaned it off. Mason immediately bit down on it.

Nel set him down and started to prepare a bath for Mason, since he spilled his milk on himself while he was eating earlier.

After cleaning the baby, Nel started to rock Mason to sleep for a nap until Mitch came to pick him up.

Mitch came to pick Mason up a half hour later and drove home for dinner and sleep.

Mitch quickly set Mason down in his high chair and prepared a bottle.

He set it down for a second on Mason's high chair when he dropped his keys, and Mason smacked it away when he was reaching for it.

"Oh crap." Mitch quickly picked Mason up and put him in the living room, placing a baby blocker in the doorway that lead the kitchen from the living room.

Mitch sighed as he scrubbed the floors, being wary of the glass as well as he could.

Mason was keeping occupied by beating a toy with another toy.

"Ow." Mitch hissed quietly as a piece of glass cut his index finger. He quickly ran to the sink to wash it before putting on a band-aid.

After he scrubbed, swept, and mopped his floors. He attended to his little bundle of joy.
"How's mommy's little monster doing." Mitch smiled brightly. The baby boy giggled, exposing his teething gums.

Mitch burped him before going to set the baby boy down, but the baby clutched Mitch's sweater, not wanting to be put down.
"You're just like your mama. Always wanting attention." Mitch smirked before he lifted up the infant's shirt and blowing a raspberry.

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