Chapter 10

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🖤Narrator POV:
The Titans and Batman went to the location that lead to the warehouse. Robin was on his motorcycle, Starfire and Raven were flying, and Beastboy and Cyborg went in the T-Car. Batman kept going ahead and it made Robin mad. Robin hates when Batman tries to do things on his own and not include the Titans. "Okay Titans, were almost there, be prepared," Robin said through the communicator. All the titans met at the warehouse and saw Batman who was already there. Robin rolled his eyes and walked towards the building. "How do we get in? The door had a keypad," said Beastboy. "I can hack into the security system," said Cyborg as he walked towards the key pad and starting working. Robin stood next to Batman. Starfire looked around the old ware house. "Wow this place is...something," Starfire said looking at the abandoned place. Cyborg was having trouble trying to get in. "Shit!" Cyborg yelled when it zapped him. "This is some high tech security," Cyborg said. Batman then walked to the keypad and stared working on it. It started pouring rain. No one could really see. Then Beastboy turned around and saw a black figure. "Who's that?" Beastboy said while squinting his eyes. Then lightning struck and it was gone. Beastboy eyes widen and then said, "Dudes! I swear to you I saw something!" Beastboy said. "What did it look like?" Robin asked. "I dunno, all I saw was a dark figure and then he disappeared, like POOF gone," Beastboy said. "It was probably nothing Grass Stain," Cyborg said. Starfire flew up and saw a opening. "Hey guys! There's a opening up here," Starfire said and pointed at the opening. "We could get in from there," said Raven. "Okay Titans, and Batman, let's go," Robin said and smiled at Star. She smiled back and flew back down to help him up. Beastboy turned into a pterodactyl and helped Cyborg up. Raven levitated and Batman grabbed his grappling hook. After they were all there, they saw the Joker and someone with a hood. "You got what I want?" The mysterious person said. Batman couldn't identify who it was and neither could the Titans. "Yes here you go, now gimme gimme!!" said Joker jumping all around. He gave the guy a box. "He's so..." Starfire said but didn't finished her sentence. "Creepy," said Beastboy and shivers went up his spine. "Shhh I'm trying to listen," said Batman. They saw the mysterious person give the Joker 120,000 dollars. Joker kissed it and put it in his pocket. "HAHA Yes!!" Joker said laughing loudly. "You know we should work together to, defeat the big Bat! And the new team I heard about, what are they called again.." said the Joker thinking. "The Teen Titans," said the mysterious man annoyed. "Ah yes, the Titans," Joker said laughing. "When we get rid of them, we can take over Gotham and Jump City," said the Joker. "Don't count on it Joker," Robin said with all the Titans near him and Batman. "Batman! And oh! The Teen Titans! said the Joker. "You will not take over our beloved city and Gotham," Starfire said with glowing eyes. "Oh really," said the mysterious guy. "Really," she said back. "Minions attack!" the man said. A bunch of men dressed and almost had same clothing as the mysterious guy attack them. While they were fighting the Joker got a gun and started laughing and tried to shoot at Batman. Batman rushed to Joker and kicked him in the face. The Joker kept laughing. Batman and Joker kept fighting. Meanwhile, the Titans kept fighting of the mystery man's men. The mystery man was about to get away but Robin ran at him full force. He tackled him and put him against the floor. "Who are you?!" Robin yelled at him and took his hood of. Robin's eyes widen. "S-Scarecrow?!" Robin said shocked. Scarecrow pushed Robin and grabbed his venom and stabbed Robin in the stomach. "Arghh!" Robin yelled. Starfire turned around and saw Robin being stabbed. "Robin!!" Starfire screamed and ran at him. "S-Star n-no!" Robin said, he knew that Scarecrow would try stab her too. Scarecrow turned and tried to stab her, but she dodged it and punched him in the face. Scarecrow fell back. "Robin!" Starfire said now by his side. "Star I'm okay, he just stabbed me," Robin said getting up weakly. Star helps him an saw that Scarecrow was gone and so was his men and the Joker. "Damn it!" Batman grunted. He turned and looked at Starfire. Starfire didn't notice because she was helping Robin. "How could you let him get away?!" Batman said madly at Starfire. Starfire stood up scared. "I-I'm sorry! I was trying to help Robin, he got stabbed, s-sir," Starfire said scared. "Well, because of you, Scarecrow got away!" Batman said pissed. Starfire felt tears in her eyes. Robin got mad. "Leave her alone you son of a bitch! It's not her fault, stop blaming it on her!" Robin yelled at Batman. Batman got mad and they both stared arguing. "ENOUGH!" Raven yelled and everyone stopped. "Blaming it on each other is not gonna help any of us, so stop acting like children and get your heads out of your asses," Raven said levitating away. Nobody said anything when they back to the tower. Robin went straight to his room. He slammed the his fist against the wall.
              ❤Robin's POV:
"Damn it! Why does he have to be here? Why, why, WHY?!" I thought in my head. I'm so mad at him I could literally beat the shit out of him. *Knock, Knock* I heard a knock. It better not be Bruce, because I'm not in the mood to speak to him. "Who is it?" I said trying not to sound mad. "It's me," Starfire said with her sweet voice. Hearing her voice made me calm down. "Come in," I said. She walked in wearing black shorts and a big galaxy shirt. She looked so beautiful. She shut the door behind her and gave me a hug. I hugged her back and I put by chin on top of her head. I felt her tears in my chest. I lifted her head. "What's wrong?" I said and wiped them away. I looked in her beautiful green eyes and I could tell she was sad. " B-Batman was right, the fault is mine," she said as more tears streamed down her face. That got me mad just hearing his name. "No Star, it's not I promise you," I said and gave her a small kiss in her lips. She looked up and gave me a small smile. I smiled back and kissed her head. I held her in my arms. I wanted to cheer her up somehow. Then I got a idea. "Hey Star," I said to get her attention. "Y-Yea?" she said looking up at me. "Come with me," I said and she nodded and followed me. I had her eyes covered and led her to the roof. "Can I look now?" Starfire said. "Yea," I said smiling. She opened her beautiful green eyes and smiled. "It's beautiful!" Starfire said looking at the sky. There were so many stars out tonight and there was a full moon. "I know I said," looking at her. She met my eyes and smiled brightly. I slowly walked towards her and kissed her slowly. She closed her eyes and kissed me back. Damn...her lips are s-so soft and warm. I stared kissing her deeper. I slide my hands down to her ass and pick her up. She wraps her leg around my waist. I slide my tongue in her mouth and she allows it. I felt so many sparks. I pull away and put out heads together(while still holding her up). I looked in her eyes and I bite my lip. "I love you so much," I said. I see her eyes spark and smiles. "I love too," she said and leaned in my lips. While still kissing I put her down and put my hands on her hips, pulling her closer. She laughed and kept kissing me. I never wanted this moment to end. This is where I want to be. I want to be with Star. Noting else. I pulled back and stared in her eyes. "W-What?" Starfire said, "What are you looking at?" She turned her head to see if I was looking at something behind her. I put my hand on her chin and pulled her head back to me. "I'm looking at the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. She smiled and I kissed her. I picked her up and carried back inside. I carried her to my room and when I closed the door we had another lip battle. I put her against the walls and kissed her hard. Then I kissed her neck. A few moans came out of her. I stopped and looked in her eyes. "You okay?" I said. "I'm fine, please continue," she said. So I did.  I've never felt skin that was as soft as her's. I let go of her so she gets off the wall. After that, we laid on my bed. I held her tightly. She looked really tired. "Hey Star, you should get some sleep you loo tired," I said and kissed her head. She yawned and nodded. "I love you," she said and laid her head on my chest and fell asleep fast. "I love you too, my Star✨" I said and soon drifted off.

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