Chapter 3

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My master grabbed my hand and lead me inside. My heart fluttered in response. The gesture was innocent, but somehow felt sexual. He squeezed my hand and I squeezed his. I was ready.

He gazed into my eyes for a moment and I saw darkness in his pupils, the kind of darkness and pain I just escaped from, and I started to understand a little why I felt instantly drawn to him. It wasn't just gratitude, it was also kinship. He understood the pain I had come from without me having to explain it to him.

I wondered where he had been during his lifetime. I wondered what horrors he had seen.

He pulled me deeper inside the foul-smelling house. "We will sleep in here. It's not the finest place to stay, but it will keep us safe from the elements and any intruder who happens upon us. If we are attacked, the animals will all rise from their resting places on the house and help us fight."

My toes curled as the arches of my feet rubbed up against the rocky, dirty floor.

He continued. "But we will have to sleep on the ground. I can't create mattresses and pillows." He blushed. "I'm sorry that I can't give such a beautiful woman more than that."

I was overjoyed to be in this place, no matter what we were doing or where we had to sleep. The ground was inviting compared to where I had come from.

We sat down, side-by-side, leaning our backs against the large rock behind us that rested in the middle of the tiny, dead house. My master closed his eyes and tilted his head back; his legs stretched out before him. I sat with my legs crossed, watching him.

I should have stayed quiet and enjoyed the moment, the way he clearly was, but I craved contact and conversation.

"If you weren't trying to rescue me," I asked. "Then why did you summon me here?"

He slowly smiled and his grin was both sexy and mischievous. "The simple explanation is...I have needs."

My face flushed. I had needs as well, or at least desires about how I'd like to spend time with someone else-how I'd like to be touched by them.

Master Adramalech opened his eyes and looked over my shoulder. His smile slowly faded. "I've been alone for a long time, paying the price for the things I've done. I didn't want to be alone anymore."

The darkness for me had been something physical, trapping me on the outside, but Master Adramalech was talking about a darkness inside of him. He may not have meant to rescue me from anything, but he had, and it was now my duty to save him from his darkness as well if I could.

I grabbed one of his hands and laced my fingers with his. "You will never feel loneliness again. I will stay forever at your side."

Adramalech sighed and stared at the ground. "That's not how my life works. I am cursed and while most people get to dream about love and fate, those things are not in my future. Besides, all the other ones promised me something similar, but they all betray me in the end. As will you."

My forehead wrinkled in confusion. "The other ones....?"

He didn't answer my question, he just stared at me. "But none of them were powerful enough to overtake me and neither will you be."

"I'm not-" I began to say as his gaze grew fiery, but there was so much I couldn't explain, so much I didn't seem to know about myself. It was obvious that he had a deeper understanding than me. I didn't even understand fully why I had accepted him being my master. Sure, I was grateful for what he had done, but there was something deeper, in the core of my stomach, that insisted I do my best to please him just because he had been the one to summon me. It was some kind of instinct. Something that made me who I was.

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