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It was nearing the end of the week and that meant two things, one that spirit week was ending and the other was that John could now have his own room. Strange should have felt relieved, but he didn't. He sighed, then made his way down the hall to the room that would be John's new quarters. When he stepped inside, he shivered. The room was acceptable and clean, but would never do. It was facing the north and therefore colder. He will freeze in here and it's so dark. The window is too small. John won't like that.

John watched the last of the students from spirit week leaving. They hugged each other, made promises to keep in touch, then they were gone in a moment. Each using their sling rings to return home. Home, where the hell is that? Well, time to pack, Strange will be happy to get his place back. Will he miss me? He sighed, then made his way to their room, soon to be Strange's alone.

John knocked and heard a stressed out Strange call out to come in. When he opened the door, the room was in a state of chaos, crates and books lay everywhere, while Strange packed.

"What are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Strange snapped.

"Umm, packing?"

"Well, aren't you a proper genius?" Then Strange stopped what he was doing and walked over to where John stood. "I'm sorry."

John smiled, then flushed, consumed in the depths of Strange's green eyes. "So, umm...why are you packing?"

Strange turned away, then resumed his task. "I'm moving out. I want you to have this room."

"You've got to be kidding me. This is the Master Supreme's room and is much larger than the room I'm to have, plus you'll be in the dorms."

Strange looked up. "I'm not rooming in the dorms. There are some unused rooms on the north side, just on the other side of the dorms."

John was about to argue further, but snapped his lips shut when he noted the scowl that marred Strange's perfect angular features. "Right. Well, will you at least let me help you pack?"

Strange nodded. John limped over, then used his cane to slide down beside Strange. The packing continued in silence, until he came across some piano sheet music. "Do you play?"

Strange looked up at him with a grief-stricken expression, then snatched the music out of his hands. "I used to."

John smacked his forehead with the heel of his palm. "I'm such an idiot. I'm sorry, I just didn't think."

"It's alright," Strange said, then sat cross legged on the floor, reading the music in his hand. "You know I have perfect pitch. I used to consider it a gift, but now it's just reminder of what I've lost. Sometimes when I first wake up in the morning I think I can still play."

John laid a hand on his shoulder. "I'm sorry."

Strange took John's hand in his own, drawing strength from its steadiness. "There have been compensations."

They stayed locked in their respective positions, until John let go. "Well, I will miss you. You can stay if you want. I've seen other people rooming together in rooms outside the dorms."

Strange smirked. "Those are couples. Are you asking me to become a couple with you?"

John flushed. "Touché and you would at least owe me dinner first."

Strange looked up at him. "It seems that you're also easy to...tease."

God, what is wrong with me? The man oozes sexuality and doesn't appear to notice. I've got to get it together. We're just staring at one another. Say something, John, you idiot. John swallowed, hoping his thoughts weren't somehow transparent. "Yes, it seems that I'm easy to tease as well."

Later that evening, Strange swore when he attempted to light the fire in the small grate in his room. All the rooms on the other side of the complex were heated with solar panels. The cape of levitation hovered beside him, until he shooed it away. His hands shook and he dropped the box of matches. He watched in frustration when they scattered on the cold, stone floor. "Fuck this," he swore, then closed his eyes, cast a spell, lighting the fire with magic.

A few moments later and he was warming his stiff fingers while he sat in front of the fire. Brownie whined, then came over and curled up in his lap. Strange petted him and his tail thumped out a canine rhythm. He then shivered. "You should have stayed with John. You would have been more comfortable. Well, it's no matter. I'm glad of the company."

Brownie looked up at him with devotion and Strange smiled. "I supposed it's alright to tell you that even Master Supremes get lonely." He then wondered how he was going to sleep when he was so cold. Right on cue the cape of levitation hovered over and draped its red folds around his shoulders. He fingered its softness. Its texture reminded him of John's fine hair. Stop those thoughts right now, Strange, or you'll never sleep.

John tossed and turned, listening to the wind howl outside his window. It must be freezing in Strange's room. I hope he's warm enough. Maybe I should bring him an extra blanket. He then grabbed one from the end of his bed and made his way to Strange's room.

Strange awoke in a cold sweat, groaning when the remnants from his erotic dream manifested itself in a hard mound between his legs. Though he couldn't remember its exact contents, it must have been a doozy. Great, this is all I need. He then pressed the heel of his palm between his legs. It did nothing to abate his desire. Thank god, I have my own bathroom. I'll just throw some cold water on myself or rub one out quickly. A knock at the door made him freeze. Who the hell could that be? "Just a minute," he called out.

John stood on the other side of the door, listening for Strange's voice. When he did hear Strange, his voice was muted by Brownie's barking. Did he say come in? After not hearing a response, John shrugged and opened the door.

Strange stood with his back to John, naked and shivering with cold water dripping down his body. When he saw John, he covered himself with a towel. "I said just a minute. Can't I have a night to myself? I moved clear over to the cold side of the complex for privacy. Now what do you want?"

John blinked in surprise, dropping the blanket. He shoved it towards Strange with the end of his cane. "Well, pardon the fuck out of me. I thought you might be cold."

"John, I am full grown man, a Doctor and a Master Sorcerer, I don't need you or anyone else to take care of me." Brownie kept barking, not liking the tone of his raised voice. "Oh, and take this mutt with you." Then he nudged Brownie out into the hall and slammed the door shut.

John felt as if someone had slapped him in the face. What an asshole. Fuck him and fuck this place. "Come on Brownie, let's get out of here."

Strange sat on the edge of his bed and rocked with his head in his hands. God, I'm such an asshole. I really need to apologize. But what am I going to say? Sorry, but you interrupted me while I was trying to rub one off. He's going to think I'm some sort of pervert. He then looked at himself in the mirror. I'll wait until tomorrow, when we've both had a chance to cool off.

John stormed back to his room, mumbling to an anxious Brownie all the way back. "He wants to put me at arm's length, fine. If there wasn't a blizzard outside, then I would just leave. But then I want to get well, so I'll take what the bastard has to offer, then I'll leave." He then looked down into Brownie's solemn brown eyes. "Now don't you start. Your master is an asshole and from now on I'm going to be his best and most difficult student, then I'll give him a proper thrashing. "Come on, let's go to sleep." He then opened the door, where Brownie jumped up on the bed, taking the best spot for himself.

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