Chapter 5:

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Chapter 5:

i walked into the living room half hoping to see my sister half wishign she was out so i wouldn't have to brign up the subject. i saw my mom and asked her where m sister was.

"Hey mom, do you know where sis is?" i asked.

"She was with you, i was hoping you would know." she replied.

"Um...she left my room a while ago and i thought she came downstairs." i said.

"Well, she obviously ain't out here! The last place i remember seeign her was in your room!" she said and then got back to work on the dinner.

i walked out of the kitchen and took a quick looka round teh living room then walked outside, maybe she was out enjoying the fresh air. She did that alot, whenever she got lonely she normally took a step outside.

I walked around the whole garden only to fidn it empty. i wonder where she might be i thought to myself as i waked back inside. The smell of chicken was thick in the air, chicken, good, my favorite meal. Sis should be here in time for dinner, but yet she is not. Confused i walked around teh househopign she was somewhere close. i felt a bit guilty, thinking it was my fault for shooing her out so quickly after she said what she thought. i felt bad btu too late for regrets, now coems the real problem. Finding her. She could be anywhere, she has no frights.

i sighed and asked mom again where sis was.

"Mom, i haven't been able to find sis, do u know where she might be?" i asked.

"Nope, but dinner is almost ready, you're most certainly not going out looking for her." she replied.

"But mom!" i started.

"No butts. Get your butt in that chair and start eating." she ordered pointing to the empty seat next to dad.

"Fine." i sighed and slumped over to the chair.

i was starving but i din't want to let it show. i wanted them to let me go otu and look for sis, considering i felt it was my fault.

"Hey! Guys! i'm home!" i heard my sister voice ring through the hallways.

"Yes!" i screamed.

"Where were you?" my mom asked.

"We were going crazy trying to find you!" my dad chuckled.

"I was right...oh! You know, i went sneaking about in hell!" she said with a nervous laugh.

i didn' pay attention to the rest fo the conversation because it was the nervous laugh that mattered. My sister had never nervously laughed except when someone dared her to tell them who her crush was. She was somewhere she shouldn't have been. But the question was, where?

As i sat in peace and ate my dinner slowely solving this puzzle. i came up with a solution, i wasn't sure if it was correct but it's teh best thing i can come up with for the moment. My sister was in my room and pretended to leave. She was teh only one who knew about my brother 'haunting' me. So she was teh one who had been settign everything up. i presume this is the correct answer to this huge knot of things, but it could actually have been my brother contacting me from the dead.

i shivered as i finalized the answer. i presumed it was:

1. my sister walked into my room acting scared to freak me out.

2. she told me about my bortehr haunting me.

3. she waited outdie while i freaked and looked for her to clear things out.

4. she snuck inside my room, and set up the next 'sign' of my brother haunting me.

5. she wants me to blame my brother and go crazy.

6. she has been copying my every move to replace me (she has always been jealous of me, especially at school.)

7. i got to a mental hospital and she becomes the new beauty queen in our school.

i tried to agree with that answer all though most of me knew it was a lie to cover up from the truth. i would nto and could nto believe that my sister would want to freak me out liek this just to replace me with her in school.

 i believed that she would have doen somethign out of jealousy, because she has, but never something this well planned out.

It was 12:00pm, time for bed, i wish it wasn't a school night i could got to bed later, i took a quick shower and got prepared for bed. i said good night to my parents to remember i had forgotten to brush my teeth. i walekd over to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. i was plunged into darkness and i heard a whisper, coming from the bathroom. i was brave and had barely any frights, i put the thought of my brotehr haunting me back and walked onwards. i arrived at the bathroom and tried to turn on the lights. there was either no electricity or the wire had been sliced. i walked into the bathroom.

"hello?" i whispered.

No response.

"Hello?" i said a bit louder.

Still no response.

i walked farther into my bathroom and looked around. i saw nothing something in the mirror caught my eye. i screamed and droped to the floor as i felt a cool breeze on my neck as if someone was blowing on the back of my neck. i looked up into the dead black eyes of my dead brother. i managed one last scream before i was overwhelmed by the darkness and coldness of his hands over my throat.

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