It came naturally.

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"You HAVE to go!" Josette crossed her arms, "It doesn't matter if you're business partners or not."

"And then our relationship doesn't last and for the entirety of our next meetings will be super awkward." You sighed, "Not good for business."

"No, that's not how it'll end up. And if it ends up not working out, you're both adults who can solve it and walk away in peace." She walked up to your desk and stared intensely at you. "Didn't you feel the butterflies? You felt something, yeah?"

Unwillingly you nodded, "Well, yes. Yes I did, but what's your point..?"

"Do you think those who live forever alone and unhappy for the rest of their lives were able to take a risk trusting those sparks?" Before you could reply she continued, "No, they did not. And you don't want to live forever alone. So what there's a risk of things going bad? There's a chance of everything going perfect too. SO-..." She snatched the card he had written his private number on and pressed it against your chest, "Call him."

Perhaps you were just afraid and searched for any excuse available. Admittedly defeated to her arguments you took the card. While you took up your phone and dialed the number, Josette made a thumbs up and sneaked out from the room.




Alright, he wasn't going to answer. Time to bail out. But just before you were to press the red button...

"Y/N." The way he said your name made your body tingle.

"Bruce. I hope I am not interrupting something?" You asked, unsure of how else to start a conversation. You heard how there was voices in the background, but they soon faded.

"Never. So, finally came around did you?" You felt how he grinned on the other end. Tease.

"I don't kiss and tell." Now it was your turn to smirk.

"How about I pick you up for dinner this evening at seven?" His voice got softer, less teasing.

You agreed to this time and after wishing each other to have a nice day you hung up. Finding yourself with a stupid smile even several minutes later, you forced the butterflies under your command again. Nothing came for free, and especially not your work. It was surprisingly hard to concentrate, but forced yourself to do so nevertheless by an overdose of coffee and refusal to conversation. And before you knew it, the clock had already struck half past five. Cursing over the lack of attention you grabbed your handbag and rushed out of the office. Seems you and only a few employees were left where most had gone home. Once you had managed to come home, you hopped into the shower. To your calculations you had about an hour to get ready. You could do this. You went for a classic black dinner dress and loose hair matched with a pair of black heels and a purse. It wasn't the wow factor you were aiming for but it certainly didn't look to your disadvantage. Thankfully it was summer, so you wouldn't freeze too much with bare legs. Looking at your watch you saw how you had fifteen minutes over. Determined to not be starving once you'd arrive, because anyone starving would be way too focused on the food, you snatched an apple. Better be safe than sorry. Plus, the food could taste like hell.

Five minutes before set time a black car pulled up in front of your apartment. Bruce wasn't driving you notice has he stepped out from the back of the car. His eyes weren't hiding the fact that he was inspecting you, and liked what he saw. Unwillingly, it made you blush. In order to hide it you smiled quickly before stepping into the car as he held up the door. The first detail you noticed was how the entire car seemed to hold the fragrance of him. It was captivating.
Soon he sat down in the car next to you. He was wearing a black tuxedo with a matching tie. As much as you knew this wasn't far from his casual outfit at work, it still seemed like he had dressed up a little bit more than normal. Strangely, it made you happy.
The car began rolling out on the streets of Gotham. It was silent for a long time on the way, but for some reason it didn't feel awkward. However eventually you looked over at him and found him already staring. It took you by surprise but you refused to look away. Now instead of only silence, you stared at each other. It was like a charge of electricity running between you both, slowly becoming stronger and stronger for each second you both refused to look away. Not that you'd want to.
Once the car stopped it was like a bubble broke, bringing you both back to reality. Quick on his feet, Bruce hopped out of the car and went to the other side, holding the door up. You thanked him as you stepped out, giving a polite smile. The restaurant was, just as expected, extremely fancy. If you didn't know better, you'd guess parts of the room was covered in gold. Not that it was. Too expensive and risky, honestly. You sat down at a table that was somewhat excluded from the others, blocking a lot of the noisy sounds out. After ordering, you looked over at Wayne.

"And how has your day been?" You tilted your head sideways slightly as you asked.

"Arranging and rearranging things, been rather tranquil. Went home from the Tower soon after to take some time to do other things. Yours?"

"Still too much to do, too little time." You smiled, sipping from your drink. "From seven in the morning to five in the afternoon."

He frowned, "Ten hours isn't quite optimal is it though? As long as you know how to not get stressed out, I suppose."

"Working on that hehe," you replied, well aware that you weren't. "Plus, still lacking anything proper to do on my spare time so might as well work."

"No hobbies then?"

"Other than training? Not really. Used to do a lot before I returned to Gotham though."

"Such as?"

"Reading, writing, mountain-climbing, hiking- I guess those two go together-..." You thought for a second, "... And occasional vigilante work." You chuckled slightly at the last one, not being all too serious. 

"Vigilante work, huh? Sounds dangerous." He grinned.

"It's actually just additional law studies. Keeping myself updated." 

He nodded in agreement.

"And your hobbies, Mister Wayne?" You shot back at him.

He thought for a short while before replying, as if trying to figure out what was the best to say. What if he was into some weird sacrificial cult? Oh god. You were open to most things, but you had to draw the line somewhere. Or maybe he did drugs. Wouldn't surprise you considering a lot of rich, famous people do. You realised how many things could ruin your entire vision of this ending well.

"I do work a lot. Most of the time actually. When I don't, I train or ... Host parties for example." What was the pause in his sentence? Not the cult dear lord please. "Occasionally read or go hiking as well. Once spent quite some time hiking in rather snowy mountains but after falling through ice a couple of times I decided it was just a nice not  going back to snowy places again." 

You smiled, for now you seemed to be safe from another crazy person. "Very understandable, and perhaps wise. One can only endure as much."

Shortly after you were approached by your waitress with your food. You wouldn't have to eat that apple before as it was splendid. During the entire evening you and Bruce proceeded to talk about everything between heaven and hell. Captivated by his presence and words, you didn't notice the hour before the restaurant had closed and only you two were left. He chuckled at your confusion but clarified that he owned the place. Eventually he led you to the car and you were safely, but exhausted and happy back at your own apartment.

Cursed butterflies, they wouldn't let you sleep.

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