Part One: Chapter One

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                                                                The Luna Cycle 

                                                             Book One//Part One


                                              Life is not as easy as a newly paved road;

                                                  At best, it is a rocky mountain trail,

                                          Full of unwanted beasties and poisonous plants.

                                  But there is still beauty to be found in the rocky crevasses.

                                                    Simply search, and you will see.

                                                 -Anonymous Gourosian Principle



                                                                                                   From the desk of Solan Lacord

Dearest Diaen,

I was twenty-five --perhaps as naive as twenty-- when a knock sounded upon my apartment door in the early hours of a mostly-cloudy day. It had stirred my consciousness, pulled it astray into somewhere between a dream state and wakefulness, but failed to wake me completely. As I drifted back into my dreams, another rat-tat quickly echoed through my sleep. Still, I had not wanted to open my eyes. I can vividly remember being in the midst of warmth and lovely company in my dream and I was loathe to leave it. But, seconds later, the knocking resumed.

It only ceased once I dragged my body from the warm folds of my blankets, donned a dressing gown and opened the door. I'm sure I looked worthy of the scowl I received from my visitor, a lady in a black dress, if I recall correctly.

"Yes, yes, it's mid-morning, I should be awake," I remember clearing my throat, rubbing some sleep from my left eye and peering at her through it. "Who are you, again?" It had earned me another, deeper scowl, but also a response.

"I represent the wishes of a group gathered in Carien Grove. They've tasked me with asking you to attend them today.” She’d paused, taking in my appearance, or lack of one, “And I don't care what time you wake up, I'm just delivering the message."

"Attend them? I'm not working today, thanks," I had begun to close the door, but she put her hand against the front of it.

“’Attend' was my choice of word, I believe theirs was 'consult'. Have a good day."She had surprised me by placing her hand on the doorknob and pulling it closed, right out of my grip.

I hadn't spent very long puzzling over her visit. I had been bored the day before, and wouldn't have to work until the next day, so what else could be better than a mystery council? I'd never really been summoned before, unless you count disciplinary hearings. I had been bored as a youngling, too.

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