Chapter Thirteen: Jelani

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This had to be the exact worse time for Drake to have the baby. Despite the fact that they had removed Fives' chip, he was still acting like the galaxy was requiring him to kill the Jedi. That clone was looking at her like she had just killed his anooba puppy. All because she was trying to keep him from hurting Drake. She was trying to do the good thing and he didn't get it. Didn't that make her a good person?

The last thing Melia wanted was to lose her friend. He was acting like a droid robed in flesh.

"Fives." Melia tried to ignore Drake screaming in the medical bay. Fives looked at her with horror in his eyes. "You can't help Drake. Not this time."

"My vod'ika is in pain!" Fives screamed. He reached for a blaster that wasn't there and Melia shot him with a blaster set on stun. Fives crumpled into a heap. Swallowing her bile, Melia grabbed him up and started dragging the clone to the brig. She hated doing this. She really and truly hated doing this.

"Bee!" Melia shoved Fives, the half mad clone, into Bee's arms. "Get him into the brig!" She ran to the screaming Nightbrother. Drake was huddled on the bathroom floor, his face screwed up in pain. She tried to hug him, but he twisted around and nearly gored her with his sharp horns. His waters had already broken it looked like, and the fluids made his pants cling to his legs.

"I-I-I can do this," Drake stammered. But he was covered in a fine layer of sweat and his eyes were wide with pain. Melia got him into a better position. Drake tried to pull his soaked pants off. Melia pulled them off, just as what looked like a second sac burst. It soaked both of them, but Drake was beyond caring. If this was what he had gone through before... The Nightbrother keened a few seconds later and started to push. Melia stayed with him, both as help and moral support. His body had changed, he looked like he was ready to support a child.

Fives banged away in the brig, screaming about killing Jedi. Melia tried to ignore him. Bee was likely going nuts. Drake twisted around on the floor and managed to get in a sitting position. He was pushing and grunting from the pain. Melia saw where he'd gotten a knife and a tie, so she hurried to sanitize both. When she got back, agonized blue green eyes met hers as he gasped for breath. There was blood, too, blood that pooled in the fluids around his body. He could die from this. Drake could die as she watched.

"I want Fives," Drake whimpered.

"He can't help you right now." Melia gritted her teeth as he almost crushed the hand he was holding.Drake's eyes were wild, agonized. Fives was the one with medical training! She was just a spacer with a frightened Nightbrother and an insane clone.

"F-fives s-said he'd be w-with me," Drake stammered. He looked so innocent, so trusting, that Melia wanted to cry. Despite the fact that he had been used for breeding, Drake was very innocent to the rest of the galaxy. "I-I want h-him!"

"He's not able to help you." Melia cursed when his talons nicked her skin. Drake's body bucked and he was trying to push another person into the world. He looked bad. He looked like he was in agonizing pain. Like he was being tortured from the inside. She had no idea how long it would takem but Drake looked like death warmed over. Finally, finally, she heard a screaming baby. As Melia hastily picked the little boy up, she couldn't believe that this squalling creature was in any way related to the beautiful Zabrak she knew and loved. It's face was smushed in, she noticed that as she wiped its face off and started to clean it and cut the cord, and it's head was as bare and smooth as an egg. The boy looked like a dark copper colored human baby, not his beautiful and graceful mother.

Drake needed to get cleaned up. Melia cleaned the little boy's skin off and tied his cord.  Drake also delivered a very nasty looking red mass. After he cleaned that up, Drake picked himself up heavily, the blood running down his legs. He started washing himself off with grunts of efforts, his eyes never once leaving the little boy wrapped in a blanket. Melia got a look at his birthing slit and shuddered. It looked bad.

"Can I see my son?" Drake softly asked.

Melia carefully handed the little boy to Drake. She had wrapped him in a soft blue blankie. The Nightbrother held him with reverence, his face awash with wonder.

"He's so small," Drake softly said. "So...perfect."

Melia nodded. "I didn't think he would be so small."

Drake placed the boy near his breast and guided the little mouth until he latched on. The Nightbrother's face contorted and then relaxed. "He's...going to be small. He was borne of a male, it's the way such things go."

She turbed away, mostly to give mother and son a few moments to bond. Melia finished cleaning up the blood and fluids. Drake looked very tired. "Do you need any food?"

"Soup would be great." Drake staggered to his feet. Melia caught and helped him. "Especially that cold stuff you made. It's great."

Melia helped the pain into their room before getting the cold soup in a bowl. Fives hadn't eaten the stuff, but Drake had actually craved it. Who knew Zabraks ate plants?  When she came back, Drake was relaxed on the bed, holding the baby. His chest was bare and he wore a pair of soft trousers. She had to guess that he had other things under him to absorb the fluids. The Nightbrother watched her with wary eyes.

"It's the green kind." Melia offered it to him. "And you remember Fives freaking out about that his soup had seaweed in it?" That had been an experience she would rather not repeat. He'd screamed like a girl.

Drake sighed and drank it out of the bowl. "I really do not care. I'm just tired."

Melia filled out the paperwork for the baby. He needed name, weight at birth, date of birth, species, blood type, parents, and the fact that he had been born out of wedlock. The last one made her want to throw the comm across the room. Drake had named the boy Jelani Skye and added the fact that he was a beautiful dark copper. Drake actually had his own citizenship files, but they weren't as complete. Melia had made him twenty six, but he was probably much younger than that. But there was no way to tell his age.

The next thing to deal with was Fives and Melia had no idea how to proceed.

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