Chapter 39.

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Suman's POV.

I love you.

I smiled as these words kept replaying in my mind. Shravan loves me! He keeps saying it and I still don't know how to deal with it!

I step out of my room and walk towards the kitchen. I want to cook something really nice for breakfast and surprise him.

But what should I make? I start opening cupboards and see only boxes or cereals, oats, and ready to eat stuff. I know Charles cooks here so there has to be some worthwhile ingredients!

"Where are you?" I mutter referring to food stuff. I giggle realising I am speaking out aloud while looking for things but what the hell I am happy so I can do such silly things.

"Come on, come show your selves." I go on.

After a few minutes I am most frustrated when all I could find is flour by way of raw ingredient – other than tea coffee etc! No vegetables- not even potato. I would have called Charles to check where he stores stuff but then I don't have his number.

I spot some apples on the counter and smile triumphantly. At least something that I could work with. I lunge at them "Come here my darlings." I mutter to them and knock out the basket. I giggle as they roll off and fall all around.

I just cannot help being in this happy mood. I think the grin is plastered permanently on my face.

Still giggling I start collecting the apples "Sorry" I tell them then giggle harder. "Did I just apologise to apples?" I continue speaking aloud. I actually want to scream with happiness.

"Sumo you have gone mad." I say smacking myself on the head. "Who talks out aloud to themselves?" I asked looking at the apples and burst out laughing. "This is all your doing Shravan Malhotra!" I say hugging an apple to my chest.


"What do mean ho-"I stop dead and spin around at the voice.

In front of me are not one but both the Malhotra brothers sipping –probably coffee! They had amused looks on their faces.

When did they make coffee? A horrified thought occurred to me. "Er I did not see you all come out of your rooms." I said feeling my cheeks go warm.

"But we saw you come out of yours." Pushkar piped in.

I turned my face away from them and shut my eyes in despair as my fears got confirmed. These two have been around throughout my antics. I was so engrossed in my own happy thoughts that I did not even notice!

I felt a hand go around my waist as I was pulled back into a hard chest. "So who were you looking for?" Shravan's soft voice reached my ears.

"Apples bhaiya. She even called them 'darling' and hugged them." Pushkar said sounding amused.

"Oh. I was kind of worried if you have some friend around." Shravan teased. "If you want I can change my name to apple." He whispered.

"Gross!" Pushkar said pretending to gag.

"Can't I flirt with the girl I love?" Shravan laughed making my already warm cheeks go hot.

"Love?" Pushkar said sounding stunned.

"I confessed yesterday on our birthday." Shravan said sounding happy. He turned me around to face him.

"Bhaiya at this rate you both will be married before the week is over!" Pushkar said making my face go red.

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