Tiny Klaine Stories:Elevator

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**Author's P.O.V**

_:"I know, I know, I know!!! Just please stop complaining so much!" Said Kurt taking one of the bags from Blaine. He knew Blaine hated shopping but somehow managed to convince him to go shopping with him. After all, they were best friends & best friends do anything for each other. Right? Although to Kurt, Blaine meant much more than that. But he was sure that he didn't feel the same so he was stuck to the "best friend" label & didn't want to confess any feelings toward him. What he didn't know was that unlike what he thought Blaine was crazy about him & the only reason he agreed to go shopping with him, was the fact that he loved to spend as much time as he could with his so called "best friend".

By that time they had finished visiting every single shop on the sixth floor of the mall. Kurt had decided to visit the sixth floor first as it had all his favorite clothing shops & judging by their hands which were full of bags, he probably couldn't shop any more. He even made Blaine buy some clothes.

_:"Kurt, I think we better get back. We don't have any more hands to hold the bags with." Blaine pouted staring at Kurt with his famous puppy dog eyes.

Kurt couldn't help but saying:"Okay, okay. Fine. But we have to come back some other time."

_:"Do I have to come too?"

_:"OF COURSE!!!" As Blaine's eyes widened, he was aware that, that was too much so he corrected himself:"I mean, I would love to have my best friend go shopping with me." He faked a smile & then quickly turned to the direction of the elevator just to hide his blush, Blaine following behind with one thought on his mind:"Did he just say he loves to have me by his side? No Blaine you can't imagine he's interested in you... He's too good for you..."

As they reached the elevator they waited for it to go up & when it did, a huge group of people came out of it. When it was all empty again, they entered & kurt hit the parking button & waited for the room to move.

After a few seconds the door was closed and they were going down.

Humming under his breath, Blaine waited for it to stop so they could run out of the mall as soon as possible. -yea you can tell he really hated shopping!!-

But just then something happened. The elevator stopped & the lights went out. He stopped humming & froze in the dark.

_:"Blaine? wh-what just happened?" Said Kurt with a shaky voice.

_:"I think the electricity is cut. No worries they'll fix it in a few minutes. And then..." Then he heard a rough breathing, Kurt's of course:"Kurt? Are you okay?" He asked still frozen. He didn't want to step on any bags or Kurt's foot.

When there was no reply from the other boy, he flew his hand in the dark, finding Kurt's:"Hey, what's wrong?" Kurt gasped a bit but didn't reply.

He felt Kurt's hand shaking in his & a few seconds later Kurt spoke:"I-I have Claustrophobia Blaine..." And then he started breathing even harder than before.

Blaine felt his heart drop to his feet, he had to do something to comfort him. So he gently moved & put the bags down before wrapping both his arms around Kurt.

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