Chapter 1

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Sorry it took so long to update but I'm having some serious writers block and my friends have been trying to help but it was really complicated. Well hope you enjoy. LOVE ALL OF MY READERS!!!! ❤💜❤💜

"Chiron, listen, this is the only thing that makes since!" "I know but another half- blood of them? It just doesn't seem possible." I sighed. I knew he was right, but what was I supposed to do? I can't just stand by and watch when I know there is a chance of finding Cora's real family.

That morning, Chiron explained the situation about Cora and that she would be staying with me in the Athena cabin until her parent was named. I looked at Cora, her bright red hair and dusk blue eyes, it just broke my heart to know what a sad story this little baby had.

I was put out of my thoughts when my youngest half-sister Hope, started cooing over the baby. "Hey." My brother Malcom said sternly. "Don't make the baby cry." Hope frowned "Sorry" she said. "She's just so cute!" I smiled. Hope is almost 10. She came here about a month ago. She ran away from home after her dad died. She loves camp, and her sisters. "Goodnight everyone!" Chiron said over the speaker.

When I got back to my cabin, I fed Cora some baby apple juice and once she was asleep I laid her in the basket that we found her in. She seemed happy and healthy, but I couldn't help wondering if she had any memory of her mother and if she would want her mother soon. She can't remember that much right?

The next morning, marked two weeks until holiday break, and it was still unknown who Cora's dad was. It was also the day that Percy returned from Sally and Paul's wedding. When I saw him, I handed Cora to Malcom and ran up to give him a hug. "Hey" he said "what's new?" "Um....well..." I gestured to Malcom struggling with Cora. "Who had a baby?" asked Percy. "We don't know" Percy frowned. "Listen, you and I both know about the prophecy, do you, there even the smallest possibility that Cora could be...?" I nodded. "I tried to tell Chiron, but he said it was too impossible." "Who's she staying with?" Asked Percy. "Me" I said trying to sound cutest. Percy's no son of Hera, but hey, motherly ness is attractive in my book! "Can I talk to you for a minute Annabeth?" "Sure!" I responded "Just let me rescue Malcom." He laughed. After I took Cora from Malcom, (very efficiently I might add) and placed her safely with Silena. Then Percy and I walked up the hill and sat beneath Thalia's tree.

"About what happened on Mt.. St.Helens....., " his voice Trailed off, he was talking about our kiss when we parted ways on the mountain. "I was thinking- "Shut up seaweed brain" I said, then I kissed him. When we broke apart, we heard clapping and giggling. I turned around, and...,oh Hades! Grover and Juniper!

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