Part 3 "Sorry"

Izeiah's Pov

I don't know how but for some reason I managed to hold my boredom for the past 5 hours. I mean, sitting here for 5 hours who's butt isn't numb? Ivan wouldn't let me stand, all I'm allowed to do is sit up or lie down. After this I have to adjust the weird feeling after sitting for 5 long hours and heck it will be a lot of pain when my feet start feeling insensible.

I can't take this anymore. I stood up but someone suddenly covered my eyes. Are they suppose to kidnap me? Because they would be in so much trouble by now if I haven't been told to behave for the hundreth time. They put me in a car.

While the car slowly drifted to somewhere. Instead of sitting here I tried to visualize the places that we pass by because something is covering my eyes and my hands are tied. I'm actually good at digging out information out of my mind's library at times likes this. I don't know how but I guess I'm just that cool.


"Nandito na tayo" sabi ng kidnapper. They took off the thing in my eyes and I adjusted my eyes with the light.

"Ito ang pangatlong laro. Lahat ng natalo maitatali patihaya at goodluck nalang kung makita ka ng nakatalo sayo." The fuck is this? Are they seriously kidding me?

"I don't know why you bothered covering my eyes when I clearly know where we are and I can even tell you the places we passed, I would love to"

"Dami mong sat-sat. Tumahimk ka nalang" Kidnapper said while tying my body around the pole. Lumayo ito pagkatpaos niyang maitali ang dalawang kamay ko.


This wouldn't keep me from escaping. In less than a heartbeat, I untied the knot and quickly grab unto the pole so I won't get a good headbump with the ground.

"Stupid." I said and laughed. Pumunta ako sa itaas ng pole at tiningnan sila.

"Hahaha. I'm looking down on you, people. Shame on you." I mocked them and even showed them my most pleasing smile.

"Hoy, babae. Bumaba ka nga!" Galit na sigaw ng nagtali saakin.

"I'm sorry but it takes more than chains to keep me still." I said again and laughed heartily.

"Tsk. Hindi ka naman makakabalik sa field eh. Malayo layo ang pinuntahan natin." Sabi nito at nakangisi.

I heaved a sigh.

"We're around the east part of the school, near the body of a river which is about 15 km north and a garden is lying around the North-East, the flower's fragrance is strong by the way. There are around 2 buildings in our West and another one in the South, you can smell the freshly baked cookies 3 km away the building in the south . As you pass by the Bakery, the car turned and we happen to passed by the same buildings when we turned so therefore you round us around the school to confuse us and to be more specific I was tied here on a pole hanging upside-down at the back of a building. I memorize the map just so you know." I said. They didn't said anything.

"But the problem is you can't share the information you have"

"Exactly, as I'm generous enough to not make you look stupid, I told you what I know." I said and even smiled at him.

Pagalit itong umalis kasama ang ibang mga lalake. It's true. They really look stupid.

Narrator's Pov

Sorry was the last part of the game. It is where you prove if you still have some mercy left. You decide if you want to save the one who you had won against with. This part will also determine wether you will receive mercy or not, mercy from the Headmaster's hands.

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