My Nephew-in-Law ✔

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Title: My Nephew-in-Law

Genre(s): Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance, School-life

Type: Tagalog-English Fictional Story


Samira grew up with no parents. She only knew Rico, her twenty-years older brother, as her only family left in this world. Things changed when Rico married Pia. Pia is a divorced woman. She has a son who lives on his own, and Samira had never even met him.

Samira decided to live on her own after she turned nineteen. She's on her freshman year in college and still has no boyfriend. She thought living alone was a good idea, until one night, a burglar surprised her in her apartment, and he even tries to kill her. Fortunately, the cops were just on time to save her and she only got minor injuries.

After Samira's traumatic incident, her brother and her sister-in-law came up with a solution. She agreed to them in an instant since it's for her own safety. They settled that she will be living with Pia's son, Eleazer.

Now everything was in favor of her, Samira was excited and happy since Eleazer's house is just minutes away from her university. She arrived at the place, still wondering how her nephew-in-law looks like and how old he really is. She also prepared herself to be a good step-aunt.

When Samira finally met Eleazer, an unsuspected plot happened. She was safe, but always troubled. It feels like she's living in hell, but was happy like she's in heaven. Thus, it was the start of Samira's twisted life, with her hot nephew-in-law.

(A/N: I'm still editing this story! Kapag wala pang [✔] yung post, ibig sabihin hindi ko pa tapos iedit. Anyway, pwede niyo pa rin na simulan nang basahin. ^^)

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