Part 1

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Me and Jake were laughing on the couch eating burgers. He looked at me and I blushed smiling up at him. I thought I was normal but I was not, Jacob definitely wasn't normal. I knew this because well his body temp said so. His hair was a really dark brown close to black, and she couldn't get over his eyes. The deep rich brown eyes looked marvelous compared to my hazel. I stood ready to walk out the door"where are you going?" Jake asked I turned slightly"Sam said I had to talk to him. He said I need to learn more about myself." I said and quickly jogged out the door to meet with Sam.

Sam was talking with Seth and I smiled seeing Seth as he looked up and smiled back. "Hey Lianna!" he yelped running over to me. I hugged him and he hugged me back. Sam looked at Seth with his'im a big bad boy' look as I liked to call it. Seth went to find Jacob so it was just her and Sam. I spent hours listening to Sams intriguing stories about vampires and shapeshifters(werewolves in their case), I was ready for another when Sam mumbled something under his breath."What?" I asked not hearing what he said."You are one of us." he stated staring down at her. She stared at Sam in disbelief, but it soon turned into belief as Sam turned into a giant midnight black wolf.


I screamed and stepped back but the wo-Sam kept walking forward. I relaxed and sat down slowly, eyeing Sam as I sat. His wolf grinned and sat down looking around and sniffing the air. His grin faded and he bursted up running and howling"SAM WAIT!" I yelled after him. He didn't look back but Jacob bursted out the door. Jacob looked over at me and smiled seeing my expression, in the blink of an eye then stood a russet wolf. I just smiled and laughed realising why he was always so'hot'. The wolf than disappeared into the forest leaving me to walk home. I lived right next to Bella Swan and it took some time to walk home. I opened my door slowly as my mom walks down the stairs eyeing me closely. Her blue eyes scanning over my hair and arm,"What mom?" I asked. She just looked up and sighed then smiled turning and walking back up the stairs.

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