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Pen Your Pride

4 - Annoying . . . And It's Not Naruto (edited)

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Tsuki and Sasuke reached class about their normal time for the orientation meeting and took their usual seats, Sasuke's eyes on the wall and Tsuki's in her sketch book. They barely paid attention to the others as they filled in, Tsuki didn't even glance at Naruto as he sat next to her. There was a bang, and Sakura had thrown the blonde out of his seat. The Pinkette stood at the end of the bench, smiling at Sasuke who paid no attention.Tsuki hadn't even noticed her and Ino come charging in like a pair of bulls.

"Ohayou, Sasuke-kun," Sakura greeted shyly he turned and looked at her but said nothing. "Can I sit next to you?"

"Chotto!" Ino came out of nowhere, grabbing Sakura's arm. "I'm sitting next to Sasuke-kun!"

'Am I invisible?' Tsuki thought.

"First come, first served," Sakura retorted.

"I came into the classroom before you!"

 Tsuki waved her hand in front of Sasuke's face and he turned to her with a questioning look as every girl but Hinata and Tsuki got into the argument.

"I was just wondered if I was invisible," she murmered, "Guess not." She went back to drawing and Sasuke kept his eyes on her for a moment before the argument hit his ears again. He looked away with his always-narrowed eyes returning to the same spot on the wall they always seemed to focus on.

'Annoying,' Sasuke thought.

Tsuki shuddered, feeling once again that she was being watched and looked around the class but no one had their eyes on her. Shrugging, she turned the page and started drawing out her wolf pack.

"Is that him? This year's number one male rookie, Uchiha Sasuke?" Sarutobi Asuma, a dark haired and eyed man asked. He and a few other Jounin were in the Hokage's office looking down at the crystal ball where they could see the boy perfectly.

"That's right," the Hokage nodded.

"He's a survivor of the Uchiha clan," Yuhi Kurenai, a black haired, red eyed young woman stated.

"Mm," the Hokage agreed.

"And her?" another Jounin asked as the crystal ball looked to Tsuki. "Isn't she one of the Tomi clan that changed sides early on in life? The one that had been with the Uchiha clan?"

"She's our female number one rookie," The Hokage announced, wondering how a certain Jounin would cope with the Uchiha, a Jinchuriki, a Tomi, and a love-obsessed girl in one team.

There was a thump as Naruto crouched on the desk right in front of Sasuke, their faces barely an inch away from each other. Tsuki looked up from her drawing and raised an eyebrow.

"Naruto! Stop staring at Sasuke-kun!" Sakura ordered. Naruto looked over his shoulder at her, heartbroken and then went back to glaring at Sasuke who glared back.

Tsuki could see the lightning shooting between them as the girls cheered for Sasuke. That's when it happened, a boy in the row in front leaned back, knocking Naruto forwards into Sasuke and their lips locked. Sakura resembled a deflating balloon.

"Shānnarō, I was supposed to get Sasuke's first kiss!" Inner Sakura yelled, punching air as the two broke away choking and gagging.

"Naruto, I'll kill you," Sasuke growled, though he knew full well it wasn't his fault.

They choked and spit a few more times before Naruto froze up and looked over his shoulders where the girls were all cracking their knuckles.

"Naruto, you . . ." Sakura said.

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