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I loved my work even though it was hard. This position didn't come to me easy. I had to intern at so many other magazines before CHIC to get this job.

It mostly consisted of research on fashion, interviews, and a whole lot of writing and editing.

I loved it though. My coworkers were nice here and I actually made new friends.

I loved everything except I wanted a higher position. I mean I knew that I had a good seat here but I wanted to be in a higher rank since I wanted to more creative.

There was a creative team here and they were people who actually got to go to the fashion shows, beauty shows, and get to write there personal feelings into the magazine. It was fun and I would love to be able to snag a position with those editors.

My boss, Linda Kadwell, was very nice and let me dabble with things I wanted to do. She used to be an editor of another mag but came here to take over the head department. Even though she was in control of a lot of stuff, she still had higher department looking over her work.

She was an energetic person and loved to straighten her blonde hair and click her pumps. Even if she was nearing fifty she still put on all the glam and dressed up. She really did inspire me to one day be as successful as her. 

Today she sent me an email to meet her in her office which was weird. I hoped that I wasn't going to be fired or anything like that.

By lunch time after scoffing down a sandwich I grabbed my paperwork and headed over to her office.

"Hey Malak!" Janet, a way too happy co-worker, saw me on my way to  the elevator and waved. I smiled back and ran inside the elevator before it shut.

Once I reached the designated floor, I bolted for Linda's Office which was a few hallways from here. I was already a few minutes late and I knew Linda hated it. 

"Ah come in come in dear!" Linda smiled widely as soon as I opened the door. I breathed and smiled. 

"Sorry I was late." I say before sitting down in one of her black leather chairs. Her office was extremely magnificent. I loved the artsy decor and the luxurious furniture. She waved me off. "Its okay dear." 

I nodded and smiled. "So what do you got for me today?" I asked politely and she suddenly grinned causing her mature skin to kindly wrinkle. 

"Well," She plotted her hands on her ebony desk and leaned forward. "I wanted to position you on a higher level." She said and I jumped up. 

"Really?" I quickly realized that i was standing and sat back down. I breathed and cleared my throat. I was an embarrassment. 

She smiled. "Of course! But first I need you to do a little project for me." She winked. Linda then pulled out a folder and flipped it open. She read it by lightly skimming it with her fingers.

My heartbeat perked up faster and I wondered what project I had to complete to get a higher position. I desperately needed this because I wanted my creativity to be used more around here. In this building where you are positioned matters a lot. 

Linda finally looked up. "Okay well there is this man, business man, he's coming to this city to do work for a while and he's all the media craves." She said while widening her blue eyes. "I want you to interview and follow him around for three weeks."

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