Temperatures rising, 
And Your body's yearnin' for me.

~ R Kelly 1993

I sit in the library of my huge high school studying for my anatomy test. My grades have been slacking and that's not like me these past few weeks have had me so confused my friendship with Keith feels so different and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Luke has also been confusing me, I don't like how things are, we hang out we kiss and sometimes were intimate nothing too serious but we touch and things. I don't want to just be sexual with no title. 

I turn the page of my textbook and begin to write more note. 

"Aaliyah,"I hear Lukes chill voice say as he walks over to me. 

"Hi Luke,"I say simply as I continue my studying not bothering to look up at him. 

"What's wrong baby,"Luke ask as he takes a seat next to me. 

"Luke.. What are we?"I ask him and he looks at me as if he's confused. 

"What do you mean?"He ask me, annoyance runs over me and I take a breath. 

"I don't want to do whatever this is, this no title thing,"I explain to him and he still looks confused the look on his face, makes me want to hit him in the face with my damn text book. 

"I thought you were my girlfriend liyah.. I mean that's what I've been telling everyone."He says and my annoyance slips away. 

"Really?"I ask and he nods his head. 

"Are you my girlfriend Aaliyah?"He questions and I'm lost for words, I just look at him and he gives me a sweet smile. 

"Do you want to go somewhere and hang out?"Luke ask me and I quickly come out of my daze. 

"No, I have to study for my test tomorrow sorry Luke, Maybe some other time or you can sit here with me,"I tell him. 

"How about after you're done studying, I want to kick it,"He says with the cute little grin he's always giving me, I always fall for the way, he looks at me.

"Okay.."I say smiling back at him. 

"I'll sit here with you,"He tells me as he pulls a chair up sitting right next to me. 

I being to read again and scribble down notes and Luke watches me. It felt good having him here with me as I study it makes me feel a bit closer to him. As I read I suddenly feel Lukes hand on my thigh and I look up at him. 

"Luke I'm trying to study,"I giggle and he smirks as his hand travels further up. His big hands grip my thighs

"Keep working,"He tells me so I continue my studying. 

Luke slowly moves his hand up and pulls out the waistband of my sweat pants, causing me to look up at him again. This time his eyes are focused on his actions as he rubs his hand over me. 

"Luke you can't do that in here, were at school and I'm trying to study,"I explain to him but he just leans over and kisses my neck. 

"Well lets go then baby,"He whispers in my ear as he pushes his finger inside of me, I jump back a little letting out a sharp breath, but Luke quickly places his lips to my neck sucking and kissing as his fingers move in and out of me, My eyes screw close and my head goes back. I bite my lip holding in my moans as he continues his actions, It doesn't take long for me to realize that I'm being idiotic as I quickly stop Luke. What is wrong with me why would I even let him get the far in a public place like this. 

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