Waking Up To Three Gifts

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I've only just woken up but I've already received three incredible gifts, the best one being the fact that I don't feel nauseous or like I'm gonna puke up my existence.

But a close second to the best gift is the fact that I wake up next to such an incredible man that I'm lucky to call my husband.

And the third equally great gift is that I have a healthy and growing baby in me that, even though I'm scared as shit, I love so much.

Though one thing I wish I would've gotten as a fourth gift was Austin to not kick all night long and keep me up pretty much the entire fucking night but whatever.

I take a few minutes to fully wake up, yawning and stretching out my arms before being fully aware of everything.

My hand is fully laced into my huckleberry husband's much bigger hand while he is still sleeping like a baby, one very muscular and very sexy baby.

"Sundace," I squirm in closer to his body, "Yo babe, wake up."

He stays sound asleep, the only sound being a little groan that comes from his lips that I can't help but find completely adorable.

With a little laugh, I let go of his hand to caress his face. "Come on, Huckleberry, it's Christmas and I know you'll love the present I got ya."

Those gorgeous green eyes that I could stare at all day slowly flutter open. "Morning beautiful."

"Merry Christmas," I smile, leaning for a kiss that he gladly accepts, "I love you so much."

"I love you too, darling." Lucas smiles, "What's got you all extra lovey today?"

"You," I thread my fingers through his messy dark blonde bedhead, "Or maybe it's one of the random moods I've been experiencing lately."

"You're the cutest little angel," I blush hard at his words, "I'm lucky that you're my wife, the mother of our future child."

"Speaking of that little guy, Austin would not stop kicking last night." I groan out of annoyance and look down between us at my bump

Lucas also looks down and decides to rub his hand along it, instantly bringing that smile back to my face. "Can you believe that next Christmas, just three-hundred-and-sixty-five days from now, we'll have a little baby boy with the biggest smile on his face while he opens his presents."

"Oh, by the way, babe," I start, "We are fucking spoiling this kid. I didn't have much when I was a kid and I don't want Austin to feel the same so we are getting him everything."

"You sure you'll wanna get him everything?" Lucas laughs at me, sitting up with his back against the headboard, "We'll be broke before he's six."

"But just to make our baby happy would be so worth it." I smile like an idiot just thinking about it

"The best mommy in the entire world is laying right next to me," Lucas announces with a slight chuckle, "Oh my god."

I look up into his eyes with a small smirk tugging at the corner of my lips. "Thanks, daddy."

And because of those two seductive little words, we ended up having a nice Christmas morning fuck.

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