Another Reunion. Part 69

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11th January 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

I can see a family reunion coming up again. But this time it was going to be just the Joifield clan attending this one. Trying to organise it though, might be a bit tricky. Especially at the moment with this whole investigation we have going on. I'll talk to the matriach about it and leave it up to her since Joy likes to organise things like this.

I sat back and watched as both Henry and Alice were listening to Micah tell them all about the Joifield clan who lived on the other side of the world. He even pulled out some photo's he kept in his wallet as well as pulling out his phone to show them photo's of both his father and his aunty Joy who were the main ones back home in Australia and their families.

" Hey! I know that face. That's Joseph Tyler." We heard Melly call out as she looked over Henry's shoulder to look at some of those photo's.

Then we watched with amusement as she jacknifed up into an upright position with a shocked look on her face. Then she slowly turned to gaze at Micah searching his face for something.

" I want to be an engineer and I am studying for that at the moment. But I want to be one of the engineers that also is an environmental engineer that builds among nature and not over it. Like Joseph Tyler. I even met him once or twice when he was on one of his work sites. He's an awesome fella.I heard that he got married a few years ago and had twins." Melly was relating to us about her career choice as well as what she knew of Joey.

" Joey is my wife's nephew. He lives in a cottage at the back of our place with Ally, my older sister. They had twins sons several years ago and since then, have added another three children to their family." Micah said to the inquisitive young lady.

" Just how many Joifield descendants are there that you know of?" Henry asked Micah with a curios look.

" Well, I think you would have to see them to believe them." I said to them with a smile.

" We just had a large family reunion where everyone in our family attended to commemorate  Bobby and Maggie who were  our great grandparents along with their friends Jarrod Barnes, George Roberts and Roland Stevenson who became Maggie's second husband. George, who was an American, married Maggie's friend Violet Shaw and another friend Donna Collins, married Jarrod Barnes. My father Daniel who is Emmaline, or Victoria's son, is also the stepson of Joy, Bobby Joifields daughter who married my grandfather." Micah was explaining some of the dynamics of our family. Which Reid and I were members of.

" My mother is Jullianne, the oldest daughter of Joy who is my grandmother. Mum married Robert Barnes, the only son of Jarrod and his wife Donna the day he was killed. George and Violet left to move back to America and after a few tragedy's, Violet, who was now a widow, returned with a daughter who married my father, Daniel. It wasn't until after we were investigating the Joifield family that we found that a supposedly stillborn child had been stolen from George and Violet after they had been in a car accident which necessitated Violet having an early c-section. Since everyone involved in the Joifield family is having their DNA put into a database, we were very suprised to find that stillborn childs DNA came up in connection to Violet and George. There is a police investigation happening as we speak regarding that since new information has just came to light." Jaxon went on to continue relating the family to the others who looked stunned.

" You do know that this sounds like a soap opera, don't you?" Celia said in a dry tone of voice as she sat on the arm of the chair beside her mother.

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