Chapter 22

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The department was quiet as Sam sat at the desk with his feet resting on the counter. Tapping the pen against the folder again and again he stared across the ward. He watched Greg stop at the desk and throw a folder down before putting it on top of the pile to the side.

"Done for the week?" "Sure am, you here late?" Sam nodded as he gave a brief smile before Oliver and Jac wandered to the desk. "What are you two love birds bickering about?" "Shut up Sam." They both spoke in time with the other causing a smirk to cross Greg's face.

"Well... Feel free to ask them too if you think I'm wrong." Jac ignored him walking off along the corridor while the others looked to him. "Ollie?" "Nothing." "Oliver?" He started walking towards the staffroom as Greg wandered beside him and into the room.

Sam remained in the seat leaning back as Connie walked back onto the ward. He watched her stop in one of the cubicles for a while as Joseph stood behind Sam. "Haven't seen Jac have you?" "She went that way."  He nodded his thanks walking away, Sam's attention still on the cubicle until Connie came wandering out.

She rounded the department before passing reception without a glance to him. He let his eyes drop to the pen he continued to tap against the file again. The door to the staff room opened as Connie's closed before Greg, Oliver and Penny left the department laughing. "See you tomorrow Sam." He held a hand up with a quick smile as they disappeared into the lift.

A few minutes passed before he dropped his legs getting up from where he sat to walk back along the corridor. Pushing her office door open he let it fall shut behind him switching the lock. Connie stepped away from her desk as he neared her, his hands pressing to her hips as their lips crashed together.

She wrapped her arms around his neck moaning against his lips gently. Parting she spoke quickly. "Has he left?" "Gone." Connie pushed her lips onto his hungrily again as Sam's hands wrapped around her to press against the small of her back.

Their normally slow and delicate touches changed for desperation. Sam pushed her backwards until she hit the wall as he dropped his hands to her bare thighs. Connie grasped at his neck as he prized his lips from hers to kiss her neck. Her other hand held onto his shoulder as he trailed a hand beneath her dress.

"God I've wanted to do this all day-" She cut him off as she pressed her lips back to his, her arms around his neck again as he pushed his hands to her waist. Sam felt her hands move to the front of his shirt pulling at the tie around his neck before throwing it to one side over her desk. She moved her hands to unbutton the shirt before pushing them against his sides.

Sam pulled her away from the wall as he wandered across the room with her. He pulled at her shirt loosening it from where it was tucked into her skirt. She grabbed his shirt stopping him moving as she kicked off her shoes while he unzipped her skirt letting it fall from her waist.

Connie's hands moved back to his chest as his shirt hung open across his body. Sliding her hands up she removed it letting it fall to the floor while he pressed his hands against the top of her lace underwear. He trailed them up beneath the silk material of her blouse as they rest against her toned stomach.

Their kiss remained desperate as Connie began to let go of all the self restraint she had built up to have while around him here. She dropped her hands to her blouse undoing the buttons as he skimmed his hands up over her chest. She pulled him towards the sofa as he spun around pulling her down on top of him.

She straddled his waist kneeling into the chair as he lay below her, his hands still gripping her waist. Connie pressed her chest to his as she kissed him hungrily. Sam moved a hand into her hair glad to finally be close to her again.

They spent the end of their shifts in the office knowing that the department wasn't missing their presence anyway. It was a quiet night and so Connie didn't feel pressured to be out there.

She lay with her head resting to Sam's chest as his hand lingered in her hair. The other ran up and down her spine soothingly. Her breathing was slow and laboured as she relaxed into him. Turning his head sideways gently he pressed a kiss to her temple causing her to lift her head and look at him.

A smile fluttered across her lips as she looked to the grin on his face. "You are a goddess Constance Beauchamp." Pressing her lips to his he wrapped his arms around her waist while she moved to lay on top of him once again.

Pushing his hands into her hair he parted from her lips. "As much as I love this, you should be getting home for some rest." Connie groaned letting her forehead fall against his gently. "I'd much rather stay with you here all night." He smiled caressing her cheek before sitting upright with her straddling his lap. "Could always come back to mine tonight..."

Connie arched a brow looking to him seriously. "Unless you forgot about the girlfriend you have owning a key to your place, I think it's best we don't do that." "So then I come and stay at yours tonight." He kissed her softly as she looped her arms around his neck.

Leaning back she watched him looking to her, something in his eyes she hadn't seen before. "What's that look for? Have I said something?" He shook his head with a roll of his eyes. "Clearly you've never seen someone who adores you watching you... It's a look I have frequently while around you."

Connie felt the colour flood to her cheeks as Sam tucked her hair back behind her ear. "Come on... Get your clothes on and let's get back to yours, hmm?" She nodded with a small smile meeting his lips for a final time as they got dressed once again and left the hospital together after a long shift.

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