Chapter 26

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---------------NALA'S P.O.V-------------

I wiped the last few tears from Bruno's brown eyes as he took in deep breathes. Our surrounding had turned much darker as the truth of Bruno's life was told. I never expect to hear those words come from Bruno's mouth. A man that looked so strong, so sure of himself lost the only person that cared enough to change his bad ways. He was forced to continue his bad life to survive and nobody cared. He lost everything, the trust he had with his family, the love of his life and his sanity. Even though he doesn't look insane, I know that deep down he is crazy. Crazy because he feels the guilt of not being to save Anabeth. Crazy because now he had to worry about someone else. Me.

Bruno calmed down as the sun starded to set. The bright september moon was preparing to appear in the star filled sky and me and Bruno were still silent. Minutes passed and neither of us spoke, the only noise was off Phillip walking around the restaurant. I gathered my thought that had been banging against my head and spoke.

"So the jeans i'm wearing. They're really Anabeth's, right?"

He nodded slowly.

"Yeah. It didn't seem right to tell you they were hers so I just made up that they were my sisters." He said in the slowest way possible.

"Why do you have them?" My mind asked for me.

"When I packed my things I accidentally grabbed some of her clothes." He said in a faster tone.

Stop asking questions.

"So what happened to your old house?" I asked, ignoring my mind. "Did you sell it or did you just leave everything?"

He stayed quiet.

"I honestly don't remember."

I sighed as my curiosity for his past died down. The sky was now pitch black and the only light illuminating us was some street lights. Even though it was dark, I could still see Bruno's deep brown eyes looking straight at me. He looked more beautiful in the darkness. If that even makes sense.

As the darkness took over, I realized that all this time I was begging for an explanation as to who Bruno was when he knew less about me than I knew of him. He was no longer a stranger to me but I was still a stranger to him. I cleared my throat and reached for Bruno's hands again and prepared myself to tell him about me. About my story.

"My parents and me are originally from Australia. I was born there but at the age of 12 me and my parents moved to Los Angeles."

"Wait. You're from Australia?" Bruno asked as his normal voice returned.

"Sydney, Australia. Yes." I responded with a small smile.

"Never expected that." Bruno laughed, his eyes shining with each laugh.

I smiled and continued.

"I was a good student. I had straight A's, I was in the drama club and I was always talking to someone, one of them included Brooke. She was my best friend and would always be there for me.

"When did you meet her?" Bruno asked.

"In 6th grade." I smiled as the memories flooded in. "Life was good. At the age of 19 I moved out of the house and moved to the apartment I live now. I managed to afford by selling painting. I wasn't a professional but people seemed to enjoy my art. Some people even made demands on painting and I couldn't say no. Some people would pay me up to $200 for a painting so I had a lot of money." I stopped, Bruno's eyes still on me.

"I kept studying and selling paintings and everything was fine. About 2 years later, my mom got diagnosed with cancer." I stopped as I felt a pain in my chest. Bruno squeezed my hands and interlocked our fingers.

"I made it my mission to pay for her chemo therapy and to pay for everything my mom needed. Brooke helped me as well since she was like my sister. My dad offered to help me pay but I always refused but it didn't matter who paid in the end because a couple months later my mom died."

I closed my eyes as the memory of my mom's dead body appeared in my mind. I had tried so long to erase the image but now it was back. I opened my eyes and felt as tears started falling. I quickly wiped them off and slowly placed my hands once again in the old table. Bruno looked at me with mixed emotions and reached for my hands again.

"Me and my dad were devastated. I missed school for a good 2 weeks and Brooke had no ideas what to do with me anymore. When I turned 23, my dad decided to move back to Australia to restart his life while I stayed here with Brooke to finish school." I paused as I took in a deep breathe.

"Soon after my dad moved back, I met Drew. He was smart, funny and wonderful. We started as friends, then best friend and finally as boyfriend an girlfriend. He would buy me expensive clothes and jewelry so I would always look nice but something about him was not right. His friends would always be out in night clubs and hooking up with different girls each night but I never thought he would be that way. I stayed with him for a good 3 years and everything was fine up until a week ago."

"What happened that night that I found you?" Bruno asked, his eyes now facing the table.

"I was going to meet him and Brooke at the club by my house when I saw him inside kissing another girl. I ran out and told him we where over it was no use. His inner monster was released and it seemed I could not defeat him. Just as I thought I had won he grabbed hold of me again and hit me with all the emotions he had hidden during our relationship. He hurt me. I thought he was going to kill me but then you appeared and saved me." I said, hoping he wouldn't hear the last part.

Bruno brought his attention back on me and sighed. He carefully removed his hands from mine and sat back, taking everything in. I did the same.

It was in that moment that I realized how alike we were, how similar our situation was. We both had lost someone we truly cared about and who we loved. We both had no one except for Brooke and Phillip and we were both lost. Lost in a place we didn't know while trying to understand why we lost such important people in such horrific ways.

There was still things I did not know about Bruno and I bet there was things he did not know about me but it wasn't important. All that mattered was this moment where we had uncovered each others past. As if he read my mind, Bruno spoke.

"There is so much I learned about you yet I feel like I'm missing something."

"Same here." I quietly said.

"Nala." He spoke. "I need you to know that I won't hurt you. I know that your life is at risk with me and I know i'm not an angel but I can't loose you. I've lost too many people in my life and I don't think I can risk loosing another one." He paused. "I don't promise that i'll change because I honestly don't know if I can but I promise you one thing... I will protect you with my life, and if that means taking a bullet for you I will do it."

I stood up from the red leather seat and walked towards the other side of the room, my emotions mixed up inside.

"Nala?" I heard Bruno's nervous voice in the other side of the room.

I turned and found him standing in the middle of the room where his eyes no longer shined with interest, but with sadness.

"Please don't..."

"Shhh." I said as I walked towards him. "You've done some bad things. Very bad. I can't say i'm not scared of you because then I would be lying. But know this, I will be by your side through everything. I might get arrested or worse but if it means being by your side know that i'll do it. You're no devil. You're just hurt."

I reached for his hands at the same time a tear fell from his eyes. He rested his forehead on mine and said...

"I love you."

Tears slid from our eyes as he leaned in closer. Our faces were inches away and tears kept sliding down our tired eyes.

"I love you."

The words fell from my lips before I could process them. He gave my hand a light squeeze as he gently placed his soft lips on top of mine. We closed our eyes and forgot about the world. It was only us and the kiss that had united us forever. He was a criminal, but I loved him.

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