chapter 11

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Chapter 11

When rouge made it to the kitchen, she walked over to the table and got the rest of the baby food.

Only to turn around to see the one thing that she was supposed to be taking care of, missing. Rouge droped the baby food and screamed.

just when she was about to start looking for him, she saw a flash come from the living room.

She saw shadow walk in "hey rouge, wheres sonic?".

Rouge hesitantly replied "um.......I....lost him?" she nervously chuckled.

Shadow stayed silent for a couple seconds, no emotion on his face. Slowly a chaos spear appeared in his hand, and he stared at rouge calmly.    

Rouge had never felt so afraid in her entire life.


In a flash of light blue, sonic appeared at his destination; the last place he remembers being.  

The G.U.N. Lab.  

Sonic smiled as he recognized the place, and started to crawl out from the table he was under.

He spotted the gold colored cat scientist from before, and tried to get her attention "ah ba ba!". The feline froze, and looked down.

Her eyes widened as she recognized the baby "what are you doing here?" she said softly as she picked him up. Sonic smiled and nuzzled her.

The cats blue-colored eyes held worry for the blue cub in front of her. He didnt deserve what was happening to him, she thought. She looked down at sonic.

Sonic was looking up at her with his innocent emerald eyes, and attempted to talk "ba aba aba" he said as he reached up to her face with his small hand. She let him wrap his hand around her finger, and smiled, small tears in her eyes.

"im going to get you out of here" she whispered to him.

She had to think of who was the childs gardian. Then the name hit her.  

Shadow the hedgehog.

The feline had to admit that she was slightly afraid of the agent, more or so than the commander, but that wasn't going to stop her from getting this child to saftey.

She asked one of the scientist to find her the address of shadows home, and set off to get there.  

Only for her to bump into the commander on the way out.  


"you.....lost.....sonic.......?" shadow said slowly, trying to hold in his burning rage.

Rouge gulped, wishing she was anywhere but here, and attempted to defened herself "I-its not m-my fault shadow! Sonic knows how to chaos control!"

Shadow froze for a second, pondering what rouge had said. Could it be that maybe sonic had gotten a hold of one of his emeralds? If so, then rouge was supposed to be watching him.

Shadows eyes narrowed. "this wouldnt have happened if you were watching him" he said angrily, getting closer to rouge.  

Rouge backed away, raising her hands "I was! I was! Its just that, when I was feeding him, he spit baby food all over me! So I went upstairs and-"    

  "and left him alone, with a chaos emerald.." shadow interrupted,  gritting his teeth.

" I didnt give him your chaos emerald! I dont even know how he was able to get it! And after I saw him with it, I took it away and put it on the table, away from his reach!" rouge defended.  

"you still shouldn't have left him alone!" shadow yelled angrily.

"i know! I know!  that was my fault, and im sorry, but we are getting nowhere just arguing like this! We have to start looking for the kid! He could be anywhere right now!"

Shadow sighed in annoyance,glared at her, and started to think " chaos control most of the time works depending on a place you've seen before, so most likely, sonic has appeared somewhere he's been before..." shadow said.

His eyes widened as he looked at rouge " we need to go back to the hotel." " what hote-" rouge didn't even get to finish her sentence as shadow chaos controled, taking her with him.


Honey the cat looked up at the commander, fear in her eyes.

  "honey? What are-" his sentence cut short as he realized what the feline had in her arms.

He smirked as he laid eyes on sonic, who was sleeping now, chaos emerald wrapped around his little arms.

He looked up at honey and said " where did you find him?" it was more of a command than a question.

Honey gulped and said "u-uh.. I was just going to take him home...." she tried to walk around the commander, but he blocked her "hand him over, ill take him home for you..." the commander said.

Honey backed away, but noticed that she was surrounded by two other scientist blocking her path, one of them being professer brian (the man that injected sonic with the serum).

The commander smirked and took sonic away from honey, as profesor brian held her back.

"no! You can't do this! He doesn't deserve any of this! Take him back to his home! " Honey said, tears streaking down her cheeks.

The commander smirked "this will be his new home until that idiotic project decides to pick him up..." he looked at her as if she were garbage, "take her back to the lab, i want her to see what is about to happen..."  

Profesor Brian smirked and said " yes sir". He walked away with Honey as the commander followed him.  


As soon as they appeared in the hotel room (thank goodness no one was using it) shadow immediately started searching for his kid.

That was an hour ago.

Now rouge was just sitting in one of the chairs, waiting for shadow to finnally figure out that sonic was nowhere in the room.

Shadow finally sat down and sighed, putting his face in his hands. 'i was supposed to protect him....' he thought.

 Rouge sighed as she walked up to the stressed out hedgie. She put a hand on his shoulder. Shadow just shrugged it off.   "look... Is there any other place thats sonics been before?" rouge asked. "the only other place he's been in is-"

shadows eyes widened to the size of dinner plates as the realization hit him like a ton of bricks. "G.U.N. " he said simply.

Rouges eyes widened as she realized the danger she had just put a 3 month old child in. "oh my god shadow, im so sorry, i didnt kno-"

"enough." shadow growled harshly. He grabbed her hand roughly, and chaos controled, praying to chaos that his son was safe.


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