Chapter 21

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It had been a long and tiring week which Connie was ready to forget. She'd been to several meetings with Elliot this week about the departments shortcomings and was fed up with even the slightest mention of work.

Greg had kept her mind busy at home spending the evenings with her, distracting her before heading home for the evening knowing she would be out of the house early again the following morning. She couldn't deny that this routine they'd quickly developed for the week was working but for once she wanted someone to sleep beside her and hold her.

At work Connie had shown no change as she strolled the department between the various meetings and surgeries she had. There were times where she was working with Greg and their relationship was clear as they worked alongside each other. But there were also moments where she was forced into those times with Sam. Anybody watching them wouldn't pick up on the change within their attitudes but to one another they knew.

Connie kept her mind clear finding herself able to focus on whatever she was doing at the time. When Sam was around her mind became clouded but she pushed through that to concentrate on work. After the weekend they had spent with one another there hadn't been another, but it was clear they no longer ignored the feelings they had.

During the long shifts it was Sam that provided her with the relief and company that kept her going. By night it was Greg that occupied her thoughts and gave her a release for all the stress and tensions.

Sam had finished after a long shift and had spent the morning asleep while Emma worked. As she came home he turned around to smile over at her, the space between them closing as he moved his hands to settle on her cheeks. "Afternoon-" "Hey, thought you'd be sleeping still."

He shook his head leaning down to kiss her gently as she smiled against his lips. "Mmm, this is a nice welcome home. Could get used to this, maybe I should speak to your boss and have you on more night shifts." She smirked as he ran a hand into her hair. "You try that and you'll be sleeping on your own every night." She laughed leaning up to kiss him again as he lifted her from the floor carrying her towards the bedroom.

Connie sat on the counter of the kitchen as Greg's hands pressed to her thighs, the kiss slow and desperate as she trailed her hands back over his shoulders and down his chest. Parting from him slightly she smirked. "Dinner?" "Hmm, can't it wait a little longer?" He kissed her again as she responded before leaning back from his lips. "You've been saying that for the last hour."

Greg laughed as she pushed a hand to his chest making him stumble away from her. "Alright I get the image Beauchamp." She smiled biting her bottom lip as she rested her chin on her hand watching him. "So what are you doing this weekend?" She picked up her wine glass from the side rolling her eyes. "I am not doing anything this weekend. I don't care if the world is dying out there I am not working."

He smirked glancing to her as she continued to drink her wine slowly. "What?" She caught him looking to her causing him to shake his head. Greg smirked leaning over the oven as he stirred one of the pots. "Just you. The way you are never stops amazing me."

Connie tilted her head to one side with a smile as he looked up to her. "What?" "Nothing..." Greg's smile widened as he turned his attention to their dinner again while Connie took a deep breath slipping down from the counter. "While you finish that, I'm going to shower."

He glanced up as she walked to him placing a hand to his arm as she leant up and kissed him. Greg pressed a second kiss to her lips before letting her wander away to the bathroom.

The evening flew by as they relaxed with one another enjoying the quiet as the night quickly approached. Sam was standing in the kitchen cleaning things up from dinner as Emma wandered out of the bedroom tiredly.

He smirked hearing her approach him, moaning slightly as she stretched before leaning against the counter beside him. Sam smiled as she ran a hand down his chest while he wiped his hand on a towel before turning to her. Sam moved his hands to her cheeks kissing her gently while she ran her hands up to his shoulders.

Parting slightly he looked down to see her in his shirt. Instantly he closed his eyes seeing images of Connie as she'd looked last weekend. Emma moved her lips to his neck as he looked ahead unable to shake the images of Connie.

"Em- Emma stop..." She pulled away from him looking up to him confused. "What's wrong?" "I'm sorry, I just... I need some air." He stepped around her grabbing his keys from the side, heading out the door. Emma watched him go unaware of what had happened before disappearing back into the bedroom.

Connie rest her legs across Greg's lap as she let her head fall over the arm of the chair. He ran his hands up and down her skin soothingly before gently moving her legs. "Want another drink?" "Please..." He leant over her kissing her quickly before moving into the kitchen as there was a knock at her door. "I'll get it."

Jumping up she traipsed through the house to the front door opening it to find Sam standing before her. "Sam?" He looked up to her unable to stop the feelings that grew in his chest at seeing her look so relaxed. "Con I-" "Did you want anything else to eat Connie!?" Turning back to look into the house she called back. "No, I'm good."

Spinning back she saw Sam begin to back away. "I'm sorry. I didn't think you'd have company, sorry I should go." "Sam wait, is everything okay?" He looked to her again releasing a breath shaking his head. "It doesn't matter. Forget I came by, sorry for interrupting." She could do nothing but watch as he rushed away back down the stairs of the building.

Shutting the door she locked it before wandering across to the windows that over looked the city. Greg wandered in placing the drinks onto the table before stepping behind her. He snaked his arms around her waist before lifting her hair over her shoulder to reveal her neck. Dropping his lips he kissed her neck while she focused intently out of the window.

She found herself staring at her reflection as the guilt built to a high. Swallowing past the lump that had risen in her throat she ignored the urge to push him away in that moment. She had expected to feel bad, but it wasn't the lying to Greg that hurt the most right now. It was seeing the pain in Sam's face as he walked away from her.

Connie couldn't help but feel this was wrong, he deserved to know what had happened with Sam but she couldn't risk losing him. Not when she'd finally realised she loved him.

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