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That night I shifted successfully on my own, that night I began a journey that I don't see an end to.

After the immense pain had ceased and I was on all fours I was ecstatic. No female wolf had ever survived her first shift alone. Ever. I proved that I was powerful. After my mini celebration I was worried, I still couldn't hear my wolf. So after I had gotten used to my new body, I made my way towards the border. No, when I crossed the territory border it didn't make me a rogue, what makes me a rogue is when I tilted my silver wolf head back and howled. Slowly I released my bonds to the alpha.

It had hurt like a bįtch but it needed to be done. Crossing the border had been like a splash of cold water, a new start. This changed nothing though, I needed to know why I couldn't hear my wolf.

A little over a month later I made my way to the pack with the Oracle. I shifted back into my human form and I was immediately thought to be an enemy rogue, until further inspection; apparently their oracle had been waiting for me. When I saw her she told me why I couldn't hear my wolf. It was because I didn't have one. The pain and embarrassment over how weak I was threw me for a loop. My only thought was 'How? How can I shift if I don't have a wolf?'

Her reply was quick, no hesitation. "Simple. You don't have one, because you are one."

The Oracle further explained I was one and the same with my wolf. 'She' wouldn't be separate from me, 'She' would be one with me, and I her. Essentially there was no her, only me. The oracle explained I was powerful for this. I would become bigger and stronger over time. I would become wiser, but I would also become distant from the world. For I had dark duties; the moon had a plan for me and it wasn't going to be an easy one. I was her assassin; meant to take out those who wished to harm her children. So I became the Assassin. The oracle told me about the pack filled with other assassins, I had heard of them in the past. They used to only take out major threats to Supernatural kind; Wolves were deemed the protectors of the big secret humans could never know of. Their targets (human or super) never knew what hit them, only that they were there one minute, and gone the next.

The pack only accepted members every two to three years. The pack needed to be small, tight knit, and trustworthy which is why the Alpha or Head Assassin was in charge of accepting those who wanted in.

Boy did I want in; I stepped foot on their land and was immediately overwhelmed by six wolves, some huge and brutal, a few small and lethal. Once they knew who I was, they welcomed me with open arms. This is where I am now.

This is who I am now.


Now, five years later, I have been Head Assassin or Alpha of the Assassin's Pack for three years. I excelled in the ranks coming to power very quickly. My pack didn't know if my past; they would never respect me had I told them I was a bullied orphan who was rejected by her Moon Goddess picked mate. All anyone knew is that the Alpha of this pack was a scarred female.

The emotional scars weren't seen or known of, the physical scars are another story. The downside to being the Moon's Assassin? Every kill, I gain a mark, scar. It's to remind me of the lives I've taken, to keep me humble, to respect their death. The Moon has kept me in check and for that I am grateful.

The scars don't apply when in battle however, the opponent has the opportunity to fight back, where as when I assassinate I take the life without question.

With this next mission I won't be assassinating anyone, rather grieve and help build up the falling pack. Our neighboring pack is having a rogue problem and they wish for my help. I agreed, it allowed me to meet the new Alpha. Their old alpha was killed, regretfully I couldn't make it to his funeral. I don't regret a lot, but when I regret something its meaning to me was huge. Rick, the late alpha was strong and kind, never doubting my power as the Assassins Pack Alpha/ Head Assassin. He was a good friend with no heir so I wished to meet the one to take his place.

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