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He laughed "Maybe for you it is, I still happen to find it amusing. Why? Aren't you comfortable?"

Of course I was who wouldn't be? But that didn't mean I could stay here. I froze mid struggle when I felt his breath on my neck "Now, what story do you want to hear?"

I could hear the smile in his voice and cursed myself for letting him have this affect on me. Not that he knew it, but still, there had to be a way of getting out of this position without compromising my integrity like I seemed to be doing so often.

That was when I heard the approaching footsteps. 


Chapter 20 - Storytelling

"John they're coming!" I hissed quietly.

"So?" He inquired.

"So, let go!" I said panicked.

"No thanks, I'm fine like this."

Now I could hear voices down the hall. They would be here any minute!

Thinking fast I tried elbowing John in the stomach, but missed since I was in such an awkward position. I only succeeded in loosening his grip a little, but it was enough.

I scrambled up and knelt down in front of the kids sleeping forms on the couch. I made sure to keep my face carefully turned away from the door so no one could see how red I was and start asking questions. I fought to stay calm and not listen to John's quiet chuckling from where I'd left him on the floor.

By the time the Knight and his lady entered the room I felt more composed and even managed to pull off looking surprised at their entrance.

John hadn't moved from where he was sitting, the only difference being that he was leaning back on his arms casually. Ugh, how was he so calm all the time? He didn't even look slightly embarrassed.

Sir Corry took one look at the sleeping children and exchanged a smile with his wife. He swooped down, taking Abby from in front of me while John got up to pick up Jenny, purposely nudging me as he passed.

"I hope you two aren't too tired to stay up for a bit, tell us about this adventure of yours?" Sir Corry asked with a twinkle in his eyes.

I nodded happily as the men left the room to deposit the children to bed. Maria motioned for me to follow her and we ended up back in the living room I'd first explored.

She bustled around preparing four cups of tea and handed one to me with a smile. She took one for herself and settled down into the couch.

I decided to sit on the floor closer to the warmth of the fire and leaned back against the couch. I closed my eyes, blissfully savouring this rare moment of perfect quiet, and held the cup close to my face so that the steam washed over me.

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