Chapter 2 - You're Not Over Him

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Chapter 2 – You’re Not Over Him

            Hopping out of bed Cooper ran to the restroom and ripped the glass out causing more blood. “Fuck,” He ran his hand under water for a bit then bandaged it up and threw the shard away. Rubbing his hand Cooper sat on his bed, he wasn’t quite sure what happened. He remembered seeing the shard when he got the moisturizer but that’s it.  Cooper then looked to the postcard on his bed and grabbed it again. He had a long day ahead of him tomorrow and he needed to get some sleep but before he did that he needed to get into Fire, and Cooper knew just how he’d do it.


            Squeezing the bandage around his hand and still feeling the soreness of the wound Cooper decided to join his friends Parker and Caitlyn out on the town.  Luckily for him, Kayla said she would drive that night. The two entered Here Lounge a chichi bar in West Hollywood. Dance music bounced off the walls and the tanned gorgeous gay guys of the area flocked around the bar and dance floor.

            “Finally!” Parker shouted and threw his hands up hugging Cooper. “So, I was just telling Caitlyn how hot Jake looks to night.” Parker pointed to their go-go dancer friend who had a five getting slipped into his tight underwear. Indeed, Jake was well endowed in more ways than one.

            “It’s not worth it, I tried with Jake in college, really not that great.” Cooper pointed out his eyes stuck on the chiseled glistening body of his douche bag friend. “How much have you had to drink?”

            “Not enough, come with me to the bar.” Parker tugged at Cooper’s sleeve.

            Cooper shook his head, “I’m good.”

            “Well, I’m not.” Kayla interjected and a large smile grew onto her vanilla pudding face. Her large blond hair and short salmon dress made her pop out of the crowd. “Let’s go grab a drink.”
            “Oh sorry this is my friend.” Cooper started but Kayla grabbed Parker and the both moved to the bar. Parker turned back to Cooper pointing at Kayla and mouthing that he liked her.

            Caitlyn laughed and looked down at Cooper’s hand, “What happened there?”

            “I was cutting some carrots. Got carried away.” Cooper rolled his eyes at himself then chuckled.

            “That’s why I just get take out.” Caitlyn laughed and took a sip of her cranberry vodka. “She seems fun.”

            “Kayla?” Eying his two friends at the bar they appeared to already be joined at the hip. “Yeah she is all party, all the time. She is staying with me for a bit.” Cooper answered. “I’m going to say hi to Jake.”

            “Parker won’t like that.” Caitlyn joked then motioned that she was going to join Kayla and Parker at the bar.

            Cooper squeezed through the crowd of men trying to touch Jake. He was wearing his yellow and green Andrew Christiansen underwear with some yellow Nike’s basketball shoes. A catchy dance song kept him moving.

            “Jake!” Cooper shouted over the music. “Jake!” The second one caught the go-go’s attention. He lowered himself and gave that boy-next-door grin to Cooper.

            “Sup,” Jake pulled Cooper close hugging him with a sweaty arm. Cooper knew this was just to make the guys around him jealous and increase Jake’s tips. “You just get here?”
            “Have you ever danced at Fire?” Cooper shouted over the music as it dropped into a faster beat. People loved the D.J.

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