Final (All but Imigie Live)

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*Imigie's POV*

After Chris, Emily, Ashley, Mike and Sam had left the lodge, it was down to me and Josh.

Thankfully, I had sensed that Matt and Jess lived and were waiting at the mines.

I turned to Josh as I quickly handed him the container of pills in my pocket.

"In case if I don't make it," I whispered.

He nodded with a sad look in his eyes before I ran to a wooden pole and hid there.

I stayed as still as possible, I could sense Hannah coming toward me before she screeched into my ear! Oh god! She was one hell of a screamer.

I winced slightly before Hannah walked away, giving me time to turn to Josh who was already by the door where the switch was.

Thankfully he knew that if I didn't make it, my shield on the others and the lodge was staying. All personal items in the lodge would be safe.

Josh gave me a nod to run to the wall that was not too far from where I was.

I stayed as still as possible as I heard Hannah's footsteps coming toward me.

That was when I heard her scream again. It was much too loud, causing me to wince, suddenly triggering Hannah to scream at me then picked me up by the neck.

That was when it happened. I felt an arm shove its way through my abdomen as I screamed at the pain before it slowly subsided and I was slowly losing all of my senses.

I knew it was Hannah who had done this. I moved when she screamed at me, causing her to do what she did.

I expected her to just leave me in the lodge but instead, she threw me outside of the lodge where the others were.

The last I heard were the many screams and cries from my friends before I closed my eyes and my senses were completely gone. I only hoped that everyone would remember me as the hero that I was before it happened.

*Josh's POV*

I was horrified, sad, angry and shocked all at the same time. I couldn't believe what the hell just happened.

That thing... that now possess my sister picked up Imigie like she weighed nothing then watching Hannah impale Imigie through the stomach as her screams echoed throughout the lodge before she was thrown out of the lodge, possibly now dying.

The lump in my throat began to build up as well as the tears began to fill my eyes just before I realized that I had to get out. Imigie would have wanted me to live, right?

I heard lots of screaming and crying that I was sure was very likely coming from outside of the lodge.

I shielded my eyes as I flipped the switch before I heard the explosion that soon pushed me out of the lodge.

I landed on my ass in the snow, next to Sam who was sitting there.

"Josh?" I heard a shaky voice.

I turned to see Chris pointing to something. I acknowledged him before I turned to see what exactly he was pointing to.

There was Imigie, dead. My girlfriend, my best friend, my everything. Dead, gone. I could see her intestines were slight out of her abdomen.

"No," I gasped shakily before having the courage to shout. "No Imigie!"

I felt someone's arm wrap around me. I turned to see it was Sam. I turned to her as I cried on her shoulder as well as I heard her sobbing.

I couldn't believe that Imigie was gone. After all of that hell after my prank and trying to keep each other alive, she was the one to die.

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