Principal Trevor then started retrieving and I let out my breath. He was at the door taking one last look in the room when Jason decided to make noise then. He accidentally kicked the edge of the wooden desk making a thump. Principal Trevor then walked back over to the desk. He went around and bent down.

When he saw us he smiled warmly. "Comfortable much?" He teased. I groaned and then pushed Jason out. He tripped on his knees making him fall face down. I would have laughed despite the circumstances we were in right now.

I stood up and I noticed that Principal Trevor was slowly dragging the journal behind him. I looked away and then helped Jason up. We stood next to each other looking down waiting for our punishment to come. Except he stayed quiet. I looked up and saw him smiling. His blue eyes shined but didn't exactly reached his smile.

Now that I look at it, Aiden did look like him except with a British accent. I wonder if his brother even was from England. I doubt it.

"Stop with the silence!" Jason commented. Principal Trevor just laughed.

"What were you guys doing here anyways?" He asked instead.

"Well we...um-" Jason started.

"What he is trying to say is that we left from detention and I got curious and walked over here. Then I found this room and was being nosy wanting to know what was in here. I found the guitars and everything and I fell in love but when we heard someone coming we found this door and hid." I explained.

"And that's it? You guys only ran in here?" He asked hoping we didn't read his journal.

"That's it." I confirmed not being completely honest. Jason looked at me unsure but I just smiled.

"So if you want somebody to blame then it's me." I added. Jason looked at me surprised. I continued looking forward though.

"I'm not gonna punish you if that's what you're worried about. Actually I'm glad you found this place. Tell you what; you and your roommates can use this as a rehearsing/hangout room if you promise not to bring anybody else with you guys." Principal Trevor offered. I raised my eyebrows in surprise.

"Are you serious? Of course we promise!" I answered enthusiastically.

"Good. I'll have the janitors clean the room and remove the sheets but once that's done you can go to the school basement and get any old furniture--it's not old just not useful to any of the rooms or dorms--and bring it up here. Decorate this room however you want to but just don't remove any of the instruments or break them. You can use the studio as well and this room but I am gonna have that desk removed. Deal?" He explained and held his hand out.

"Of course!" I shook his hand.

"Okay but for now get back to your dorms." He ordered and we nodded. Jason walked out before me and I hesitated at the door. The Principal was staring at his journal with a sad gleam.

"Oh did you have a question Ms. Robson?" He asked noticing I hadn't left yet.

"You should tell him. He deserves the truth. I know how it feels to not be wanted and right now he needs someone to love him." I told him. He looked down at his journal.

"You read it." He said it more as a statement. I nodded with a small smile.

"He may be random and just so hyper but he needs you." I advised. "And thanks." I added and walked down the stairs. Jason was waiting for me outside the room leaning against it with his arms crossed while looking down at the ground.

I pulled his arm and walked back into the art building. We walked in silence and thought of what I told Principal Trevor. Made me realize how I miss my dad but I bet he forgot about me.

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