Chapter 42 - Bun

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Third Person's POV

Calum is excited, yet scared at the same time.

He's been pregnant for over 7 months now and his baby is moving quite often, he can feel it moving on his stomach during at night and sometimes he would wake up because of it. But the baby hasn't kicked yet, no.

He's been carrying a life inside him for 7 months and he is so afraid, that he would hurt the baby so he is extra careful. Luke is often out, he moved his schedule during the day from 7-3:00 pm so he can take care of Calum all night. He is also out the whole day during Saturdays cause he is in a retreat house for those people who is too broken hearted to move on.

If Calum were to count, his due date would be during December which is so much fun cause it would be Christmas.

Luke asked their neighbor to check on Calum once in a while when he is out, he can't leave Calum alone.

'Cal? I'm home baby.' Calum said as he take off his coat. 'Lukey!' Calum said as he waddled towards the living room. Seeing that Calum is walking with difficulty, Luke walked up to Calum and helped him sat down the couch.

'Are you okay? You look so tired.' Calum says and Luke sighed but shrugged. 'I am tired but I'm fine. Seeing you and the baby made my day.' Luke said as he kissed Calum sweetly on the lips.

Calum isn't used to this still, everytime Luke and him would kiss, he can feel the tiniest bits of sparks all over his body.

As cliché as it sounds, Calum have the butterflies disease.

'Do you want to eat something? I can make you a sandwich.' Calum offered and Luke thought first. 'Are you sure you can do it? I don't want you to get tired, I can do it.' Luke said and Calum smiled while shaking his head.

'Its just sandwich making Luke. I'm not gonna carry a ton of lifts.' Calum said as he stood up and walked to the kitchen.

Luke smiled and took off his button up and jeans, leaving him in his tank top and boxers.

After a while, Calum came back with a delicious looking chicken sandwich with a glass of orange juice. Luke quickly took it and helped Calum sat down again before setting his food on the table and sitting on the floor.

'Do you wanna watch a movie?' Luke asked and Calum nodded. 'Comedy?' And calum nodded again. Luke opened the TV and played what now by Kevin hart.

Calum is stroking Luke's hair with his fingers, the soft blond locks are going the direction his hands go because of the excessive amount of hair products. And if someone touches Luke's hair, Luke would practically chop their hands. But its calum so, its fine.

Calum can't stop laughing at the movie, feeling the baby move in his stomach. His hands are traveling down Luke's shoulders and he massaged it softly, just to ease the little bit of tiredness Luke is feeling.

Luke enjoyed it, the soft grazing of Calum's fingers in his shoulders and the warmth Calum is emitting.

To be honest, Luke finds Calum beautiful, like he is sculpted by god himself. Like he is a demi-god. Calum is glowing, his beautiful tan cheeks are so squishy and everything about him, is practically glowing.

'Have you taken your medicine?' Luke asked and calum hummed. 'Good, I don't want you missing out on your pills. I want you and the baby as healthy as you can.' Luke said and kissed Calum's stomach.

He lays his head down on Calum's thighs, the back of his head, barely leaning on Calum's stomach. He wants to feel the baby moving.

At the middle of the show, Calum is laughing his heart out so Luke can feel the vibration of Calum's stomach from the back of his head. But when he felt the excessive moving, he thought it was bad so he turned around and calmed calum down.

'Baby don't laugh too much, our baby bun is waking up.' Luke said and kissed Calum's stomach and Calum nodded before leaning down and kissing Luke.

Calum wasn't laughing when Luke felt the baby moving again, and Calum felt it too of course.

'Our baby bun is moving.' Calum said and Luke quickly paused the movie and turned around on his knees before cradling Calum's stomach, kissing it.

'Wait, that kinda hurts.' Calum said and Luke looked at him worriedly. 'Are you sure? Do you want me to call your doctor?' Luke said and Calum shook his head.

'No, I think our baby is just moving.' Calum said and Luke nodded and was about to turn away when Calum gasp. 'Luke.. Luke I think the baby is kicking!' Calum said and Luke quickly looked at him and lay his hand on Calum's stomach, feeling thumps and movements.

He raised Calum's shirt and he awwed when the baby kicked again, small and barely visor foot marks are on Calum's stomach.

He kissed the stomach repeatedly and continued saying I love you when he heard a sniffle.

He looked up and saw Calum crying with a smile on his face. 'I know baby, I love it too.' Luke said and Calum nodded, wiping his tears.

Once the kicking is done, Luke sat down beside Calum and hugged him sideways, kissing his head.

'I know this is too much to ask baby but, can I be the one to name our bun?'



I'm sorry I didn't update for two days, I've been so busy with school and my friend's birthday is today, (like Zayn ik) and we literally ran home cause it was so late.

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