;chapter six

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oldie ⬆️ still cute tho💘

Alaska's pov
recap: Joey & Ally are going to the beach with Tayler & Charles. & joey wants to make it a really fun day cause he's going on tour tmr for 3 months.

I changed into ⬇️,

got my stuff in a bag, then I texted Julia asking if she wanted to come

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got my stuff in a bag, then I texted Julia asking if she wanted to come. she responded right away saying yes & then i gave her joeys address.

after I finished changing, i went over to his house. Joey was getting ready & I heard a knock at the door so I got it.

I opened the door to see Charles & another boy which I was assuming was Tayler. "hey Charles." I let them inside. "hey ally."-C. "i'm Tayler."-T. "i'm Alaska but u can call me Ally." I said to him. "hey guys." Joey said coming downstairs. they were talking when the door bell ringed.

I opened the door to see Julia standing there smiling. "Julia." I said bringing her in for hug. "hi ally." she said back. I introduced everyone & they said their hello's then we left to the beach.

once we got to the beach, we set up our things & Julia & I laid down on our towels.

"what are you doing?" Joey said walking over to me. "relaxin" "well maybe you should be 'relaxin' in the water."-j. "nah i'm cool." "oh really?" he asked bending down & picking me up.

"Joey! what are you doing?! put me down!" he walked into the ocean & dropped me. "ok fine."-j. "it's so cold!" I said jumping  back onto him, wrapping my arms around his neck & legs around his waist. "no it's not."-j. "is so!" "no you're just a little baby."-j. "am not." "& that's why your still holding onto me."-j. I shrugged getting off him. "whatever." I said splashing him. I ran off as he chased me.
————– later that day ————–
after swimming, we went to an ice cream place & as I walked in, I slipped & fell backwards but suddenly, arms caught me. I got up & turned around to see Joey.

"are you ok?"-j. "yeah. thanks for catching me." "I guess you could say you're just falling for me."-j. "you're so cheesy." I said punching his arm lightly. "yeah but you love it."-j. I giggled & rolled my eyes.

after ice cream, we all went back to Joey's house & everyone left. "ok well I should be going now. I'll see you tmr." I said smiling to him.

"um Alaska, I have to tell you something." he said scratching the back of his neck. he always scratches the back of his neck when he's nervous. what's he going on about? "um..well I won't see you tmr actually. i leave tmr before you wake up to go on tour for 3 months."-j. "3 months?! Joey why didn't you tell me before?" I asked shocked. "I didn't want things to be stressful & rushing."-j. I just stood there looking at him. how could he not tell me? i'm mad rn but moreover sad, so sad that's he's leaving.

"i gotta go, text me sometime or something." I said with my head low. "i will. I love you." he said friendly. "yeah love you too." I said shutting the door. I went home & immediately went to sleep. little did i know, when he said "i love you", he really meant it.

Joey's pov
I could tell she was mad & I get why but I don't want her to be. she means everything to me & I don't want to hurt her. I texted her saying i'm sorry but she never answered so I went to bed.
next day: arrived at destination
I just got to Frankfurt, Germany & I don't feel any better about Ally. this was our convo from earlier:
A- "hey sorry I was sleeping before so I didn't see your text."
J- "oh ok. I thought you were ignoring me."
A- "no. I just still don't understand why you kept it from me."
J- "I don't know. I was nervous."
A- "why?"
J- "i don't know."
A- "ok well text me when you do know."
J- "Alaska i'm sorry :( xx"
she read it but never answered so I knew she was ignoring me now. ugh.


guys i'm sorry i update so late! lately i've had lots of homework so it's hard to update.
anyways, love y'all. hope u enjoyed. i'm gonna go to bed. gn xx

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