chapter 13

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In all my sixteen years of life, I had never seen a more beautiful landscape than Cairnholm's. As we walked on the cliff alongside the beach, I couldn't help but stop to admire the view, causing Enoch (who had been walking behind me) to crash into me. His hands instinctively went to my waist to prevent me from tipping over and I placed my hands on his shoulders to steady myself. I looked up at him and as soon as I looked into his eyes, I felt my heart speed up. When he looked down at me, his cheeks immediately went red and he stepped back, muttering about how I "should really watch where I'm going", and kept walking.

I kept standing there after he walked away, trying to calm my racing heart as Olive's word came back to me: You had a crush on him back then Nini. And I'm willing to bet that you still do...You both like each other, anyone can see that. You shouldn't toss those feelings aside. You're both good for each other, just keep that in mind.

I shook my head. Olive was wrong. Enoch didn't like me in that way.

I don't know how long I stood on the cliff. It was peaceful and relaxing and I didn't really want to leave. I didn't realize that I had been standing there for a while until I felt a tugging on my shirt and looked down to see the twins standing on either side of me. They looked at each other and then at me, pointing down the path to tell me that I had been left behind.

"Alright guys, grab my hand and I'll teleport us to where the rest of them went."

Each twin grabbed one of my hands and I thought of first person who came to mind. Jake.

"Alright. Ready guys?"

The twins nodded enthusiastically and I teleported us to where Jake was walking, most likely with Emma.

"Emma who killed-"

I cut off Jake as the twins and I landed next to him. He let out a high pitched scream, causing The Bird to turn around sharply. When she saw it was just me, she let out a little laugh and continued to walk. Emma looked at me, her eyes dancing with mirth and let out a small giggle.

"Continue Jake, you were saying?"

"Yes uh, Emma, who killed Victor?"

Both Emma and I fell silent at Jake's question. She looked at me and I looked down at the twins, telling them to go catch up to Claire and Bronwyn. They chirped happily at they ran off, leaving Jake, Emma, and I alone. We slowed our pace down and we were a good twenty feet behind everyone else before Jacob spoke again.

"Was it the people with the white eyes?"

"I asked you not to ask questions," answered Emma, clearly uncomfortable with the subject.

"I saw one the night my grandpa died," Jake continued, "The man."

Emma and I exchanged worried looks.

"If it really was one, you have to tell Miss Peregrine," I butted in.

"Could you recognize him?" Emma said, "From a photograph?"

"Do you have one?"

"Come on. There's somewhere I go to be alone. I have things there," Emma told Jake. She then turned to me, "Nidria, do you think you can teleport us to the beach?"

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