Loving Apollo

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                                                      Loving Apollo

                  Copyright © 2012 Princess Gatmaitan and Daniela Santos

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Chapter One


       When someone offers you immortality—a life full of power and authority—there are so many smarter and better things to answer than: “Come again?”

       But my lack of vocabulary and proper sagacity at that time were at its highest. I couldn’t quite comprehend the matter that was being presented before me. 

       “Immortality: unwithering, undying… perpetual… absence of the possibility of death,” Cal said, looking down at me.

       “So let me get this straight…” I slowly muttered as I looked up at him. “You’re Apollo, the sun god something? And you want me to… marry you?”

       Cal nodded.

       “If this is one of your practical jokes, Cal, I’m telling you, it’s not funny.” I said with a laugh.

       “I don’t intend to be funny.” He said. His stare appeared like I was some prize to be won. There was never a time I felt uncomfortable around Cal, my boyfriend of two months and almost a half, but right now, though his arms around me were firm, he was looking at me like I had done something—or was about to do something he wouldn’t like.

       The skeptical smile in my lips faded as I bored my eyes right into his’. They glowed yellow-red like flourish fire… No, they are fire. His blue eyes were there, but behind the azure gaze, was fire blazing up, towering to its peak that can heighten all your emotions and make you just simply fall in love with him. Hollow sockets that were filled with cramming passion of heat and and fervor of warmth was so bright it made me eyes sting just by looking at them.

        “Can you please say something? I can’t hear what you’re thinking.” He finally said, pulling me away from my unforeseen trance.

       Freeing myself from his touch, I turned, cocking an eyebrow to the confusing man before me. He couldn’t be possibly telling the truth, could he? He couldn’t possibly be Apollo… His outdoorsy good looks gave him away way too much. And the way he looked a goody walking elegance only made it worse for me to believe him.

       Shaking my head, I struggled for words. “I…”

       He held my hands into his’ and then a few seconds after, I felt heat coming from his skin, scalding mine. I struggled out of his touch. “Ahh! Are you crazy? What did you do?”

       Without responding, he smiled and took my hand again. I was anxious but as he was holding them, the burns slowly faded. Astonishment covered the irrationality in me before hand.

        Eyes widened, lips parted, “What did you just do?”

        “I am Phoebus Apollo, God of light and the sun, truth and prophecy, healing, plague, music, poetry, archery, and oracles.” He replied with such tranquility, I wondered how.

       I wavered and then I said something really, really stupid like: “Really? Then why is your name Cal?”

       He studied me, but didn’t say anything which I found a little creepy. His stares were wighing on me like bricks, which half prevented me to just even breathe.

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