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"Fuck Ethan, I told you to set the fucking alarm. This is why I don't sleep in your bed."

I quickly made my way to the bathroom and stepped under the hot water. If there was one thing I hated, it was being late for work. As it was, I had woken up just in time to make it on time.

"Here, let me do that." Ethan stepped in behind me and took the soap from my hand.

"I don't have time for this Ethan." I complained as he leisurely ran his soapy hands over my body.

"Shut the fuck up Fin." He growled against my ear, my nipples puckering at his deep, sexy voice.

"Face me." I did what he said, surprised to see the level of arousal in his eyes.

"Get on your knees and suck my cock while I wash your hair."

Although I was in no way weak, I loved this side of Ethan and he knew it. That doesn't mean that I always gave in to him though.

Reaching for his erection I stroked him gently before tightening my grip and pulling him towards me.

"I don't think so Ethan." I whispered as I took his ear lobe between my teeth, my erect nipples against his chest.

I lightly dragged my nails over his cock as I continued. "You're gonna get on your fucking knees and eat my pussy until you drown in my cum. And if you don't do it properly, this little fella here" I squeezed him hard "will never again feel the inside of my mouth," I licked his neck and he groaned "or my pussy."

With a grin, he dropped to his knees and in a split second he was sucking on my lips, his fingers deep inside me. He knew everything I liked and I moaned as he withdrew his wet fingers and moved them around to my ass.

I pulled at his hair as he sucked on my clit and filled my ass with 2 thick digits.

"Fuck baby, that's so good." I cried.

He drew my clit between his teeth, the sensation causing my hips to jerk forward.

"I know everything about your body Fin, fucking everything." He growled against me as he began pumping his fingers. "Don't ever make the mistake of thinking you can control our fucking sex life babe."

Without warning, he placed my knee over his shoulder, my hands reaching out for something to grasp. He expertly teased my clit with his lips and tongue before plunging it deep inside, his tongue massaging my inner walls as his fingers pumped faster.

"Give me that fucking cum." He ordered and within a few seconds he was drinking the juice that flowed from me.

He looked up from between my legs with a grin. "I think I won that round Fin."

"Oh, I don't know." I panted. "I just found relief, but your cock must be ready to explode by now." I answered smugly.

He slowly removed his fingers and lowered my leg, holding my hips to steady me, before quickly standing and slamming his hard length inside me.

"The only place I'm gonna explode is in your tight fucking pussy." He grunted as I clung to his shoulders.

"Tell me about your job today." He said between thrusts.

"I don't know much, other than its a cruise."

"Dancing?" He asked.

"I don't know." I moaned as he hit that spot deep inside that sent stars shooting before my eyes.

"Some rich cunt wanting to get off on seeing your body." His fingers tightened on my hips as he pounded harder.

"Naked or topless?" He asked and I could feel him trying to fight his anger. He hated the type of work I did, hated knowing men would be leering at me.

"Ethan, it doesn't matter which, you know I love the attention. I love seeing men admire my body."

"You're a fucking exhibitionist." He grunted.

"It's good money," I panted "and I love it. Why can't you just accept it?"

"Because it's fucking dangerous." He was losing control, his cock kicking inside me as he thrust erratically.

My nails dug into his shoulders as I gripped him tightly, our orgasms ripping through us both.

"Fuck!" He groaned as his head rested on my shoulder. "You drive me fucking insane Fin."

"Look at me." I gasped and when his gaze met mine, I continued. "I like men looking at me, I like them telling me what they want to do to me." I took a few quick breaths. "It makes me excited Ethan, my body reacts to every look, every word. And I'm not going to fucking apologise for it."

Ethan closed his eyes briefly and nodded. "Okay babe, I'll support your choices."

"Thank you Ethan." I said sincerely, he just smiled in return before taking the soap and washing between my legs.

"We'd better make sure your pussy is clean." He joked and the tension was gone.

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