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Dine and Dump

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This is going to be a collection of short stories. They contain a little of everything you experience in life; loss, heartbreak, love, family, compassion, friendship, and most of all, hope. These are inspired by true events that have happened to real people. These events touched me and I hope they do the same for you. :)



Dine and Dump

I sat alone at my table, swirling my straw around in my iced tea, which happened to be my fourth refill of the night. I've been sitting here for two hours, waiting for Michael to come. 

At first, his absence was something I didn't think too much of. 'He's probably just stuck in traffic' I had thought. However, those minutes soon became an hour and then two hours. The more I waited the excuses I could come up with started dwindling down.

"So, it's a date," Michael had said to me earlier that week. "See you then, Sabrina."

I can still see that genuine smile on his face as he said that to me. It seemed so real when it happened, but now that I'm thinking back on it, I can't help but to deny that he even smiled at me. Maybe it was all in my head. I've been trying to ask Michael out on a date for the longest time, and when I finally got to; I couldn't believe he was agreeing.

Michael Grayson said yes to me! That was all I could think. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that he probably just said yes because he felt bad for me.

Before I had a chance to stop it, a small tear rolled down the side of my cheek. I lifted up my glasses, placed them on the top of my head and wiped the stray tear away with my long sleeved shirt. 

More tears started falling and before I knew it I was crying my eyes out. Right there in public, I finally let the tears I've been holding in for the past two hours fall down the side of my cheek. I didn't bother wiping them away; I just let them fall, wetting my blouse in the process.

I could feel the eyes of the restaurant goers and staff on me. Their stares burned holes on the back of my head. All of a sudden the room was full of sympathy as total strangers gazed upon the sad girl crying in the corner of the restaurant. 

I didn't want their pity. That was always the last thing I wanted from people and yet that was the only thing people seemed to offer me.

A small tap on my shoulder pulled me back to reality; a reality that I didn't really want to be dealing with.

I lifted up my head slowly and turned around. I half expected the person who tapped my shoulder to be my waiter, who for the sixth time today would be asking if I was ready to order. 

Instead, I found a small boy, who looked around six or seven. He was extending one arm out towards me, a large cloth napkin in his hands. He was smiling up at me, a few teeth missing.

Without a word, I took the napkin from him and dabbed my eyes, trying to get every last tear. The little boy watched me with large eyes. 

"Please don't cry anymore," he said as he took the napkin from my hand. He reached forward, running the napkin across my face, picking up a single tear that I had missed.

"Beautiful girls don't cry," He continued. "They are meant to smile."

I reached up, running my hand through my thick brown hair. Along the way, my fingers stopped at my left cheek. That’s where I felt the same wrinkled, burnt skin that covered the left side of my face since I was five.  I could still feel all the lotion I used from earlier today and just as I expected, when I looked at napkin the small boy was holding, it held traces of all the foundation I had put on in hopes of hiding the hideous scar that covered half my face.

Beautiful. No one has ever called me beautiful, and yet, here is this little boy, whom I have never met before in my life, telling me this. He wiped off all of my makeup, revealing my real self and he still thought I was beautiful. He looked past my fault and saw true beauty, something that I had thought I lacked all my life, but it was here the whole time, underneath all this makeup.

Before I knew it, I smiled widely and pulled the little boy in a hug. I wrapped my arms tightly around his waist and brought him closer to me. That little boy had no idea what his words meant to me.

 His thoughtfulness gives me hope.


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