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59. Fucked Up

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Sorry for the long wait, my mind went elsewhere and I started another story called 'Twisted Obsessions'.

The first few chapters will be posted within the next few days, I hope you take the time to check it out.

On another note, it seems Mia and Jays rock solid relationship is anything but.

Hope you enjoy :)

"I'll see you in a few weeks Mia."

Harper hugged me goodbye and I made my way to the boarding gate.

"Good luck." She mouthed as I turned to give her a final wave.

The more I had thought about it, the more I was certain that Jays lack of contact was another form of punishment.  Once he'd made sure I was okay, that I wasn't insecure about us, he'd seemingly decided to start my punishment.

And it was working, I absolutely craved him.

He had that look in his eye as he stood back and watched me approach him.

"Hi." I smiled as I stood on my tip toes to kiss him, his strong arms surrounding me and pulling my body against his. His hand moved down and lightly smacked me a few times.

"Hi yourself baby. Ready?" I nodded, that one question was loaded with promise.

"Yes." I whispered nervously, a small laugh from Jay making my insides quiver with delight.

The ride home was full of questions from Jay about my weekend.  I told him everything except for the few purchases I had made.  I wanted to keep those as a surprise.

"What did you get up to?"  I asked with interest.

"Not a great deal, Cam and the boys came over last night. That got a bit rowdy." He laughed, but for some reason it made me uneasy.

"Is everything okay Jay?" I asked quietly, thinking over the last hour since I'd arrived. Jay had definitely not been as 'hands on' as usual.

"Everything's fine Mia." His confirmation did little to settle my unease and I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

"What happened?" I asked him directly, my tone leaving no doubt that I wanted the truth.

He pulled into the driveway and turned off the ignition, sighing deeply as he ran his hand over his face.

"Tell me." I whispered.

"Sam." I gasped in a breath and Jay turned to face me.

"What did you do?" My voice was strangely strong despite the turmoil I felt inside.

"Mia..." Jay sighed and reached for my hand but I withdrew from his touch.

"Tell me!" I shouted as hot tears ran down my cheeks.

"I was drunk Mia, she...she..."

"No! No Jay! Tell me you didn't!" I half shouted, half begged. The regret on his face was enough to confirm my fears.

"You slept with her?" I asked in a broken voice. "I was gone for two nights and you fucking slept with her?"

He was silent as he looked into my eyes, tears rolling from his own.

"Why?" I gasped. "No, no! Don't tell me. I don't want to know!" I screamed as I reached for the door handle, the contents of my stomach hurling out as soon as I got out.

"Mia?" I heard his worried voice, the sound making my nausea worse.

"Get the fuck away from me!" I spat, my voice sounding foreign to my own ears.

"Please babe, let me explain." He said as he reached for me.

I spun around to face him and my hand landed against his cheek.

"Explain? Are you fucking serious? I've been here Jay. I've fucking been here." I cried. "And what's worse," I stifled a sob "is that you have too."

I raised my phone to my ear as I dialled a cab. "Pick up. 110 Montrose Street, Fremantle." I said before my voice cracked.

"Mia? What are you doing?" I could hear the desperation in his voice and it broke my heart a little more.

I slipped the promise ring from my finger and held it out for him to take.

"I trusted you Jay, with all my heart I fucking trusted you."

When he didn't take the ring I threw it at him, turned towards the car and grabbed my bag and without looking back, I made my way down the driveway and climbed into the waiting cab.

"Where to miss?" The cab driver asked, his voice full of empathy

"A hotel." I sobbed and saw him nod in the rear view mirror, the cab taking me away without a backward glance.

"We're here miss, can I help you with your bag?"

"No, I'm fine thank you. Really."  I said as I paid him and climbed out of the back seat.

I composed myself as best I could while I checked in, but once I was in the room, my tears came hard and fast. I felt as if my heart had been ripped out and trampled into the dirt.

My phone was ringing in the distance and when I found it, my favourite photo of Jay and I was flashing across the screen.  I declined the call and turned my phone off.

Sitting on the floor of the shower my tears mingled with the hot water that was slowly making its way into my cold body.

Having had my leave entitlements transferred, I was able to ring in sick on Monday morning.  There was no way I could have got through the day and when I pulled the covers over my head I was grateful I hadn't had my leave paid out.

I slept for most of the day trying to escape the sickness I felt when I thought of Jay and his betrayal of our relationship.

I spent hours questioning everything.  I had shunned Leisa and Liam for their concern, thinking it was completely unwarranted.

I thought back to our time overseas, to Amanda's understanding that Jay had been the one to cheat on Tracey?  Was it true?  Had Jay lied to me all along?

But, when I thought of Tracey's actions against me, I dismissed those thoughts.  If Jay had been the one to cheat, Tracey would have been the one to hold a grudge.  Wouldn't she?

How fucked up is all of this?  I wondered as I tugged at my hair.

I didn't know what to believe any more, but the one thing I knew for sure had my stomach churning every time I allowed my thoughts to go there.

Jay had fucked Sam!

Sadly, it was the one thing in our relationship that I didn't doubt.

How fucked up is that?

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