The Move In

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2:30 a.m

I've been at the hospital for what seemed like a long ass time waiting to hear from the Doctors. They haven't told me anything and I was getting impatient. I felt fucked up inside I had just got Alexis back and now she's in the hospital. I don't know what went wrong cause she seemed fine when I saw her that nigga Nikko better not had nothing to do with it. I already killed him though so I couldn't do anything else to him. I prayed to God that her and the baby was fine msn it really seemed like God was testing me with all this shit. I'm trying my best to keep it together, but damn how much can a nigga take B? This shit ain't right this shit ain't suppose to happen to us. Alexis ain't deserve the shit she was going through.

I called Melody and told her to come up here because I knew she was just as concerned as I was. Her and Nia arrived a little after we did. T was right there by my side as well even though he needed to pull through for me I'm glad he did. He the reason why I got Alexis back and for that I'll always respect him.

''Ace you want anything to drink or eat?'' Melody asked me.

''Nah , I'm straight sis.'' I told her avoiding eye contact.

She sighed.''Ace look at you.''She said grabbing my face. I already knew what she was talking about I didn't look the same I looked terrible. I haven't slept since Alexis been gone nor did I have the strength to eat. I've been all over the place, but could you really blame me?

''I know Melody I'll be okay though.'' I said putting my head back down.

''I know you will Ace.''She said.


''Because we'll get through this together.'' She said with a slight smile while holding my hand. I missed my baby sister and I was glad to have her with me. I know she been stressing too and it wasn't right the way I blew her off, but I had to take care of shit and I'm sure she understood that. I smiled back at her while I let my mind wonder.

About 30 minutes later he doctor came out the room.

''Family of Alexis Carter.''The male doctor said while w all quickly stood up and headed his way.

''And you are?''He asked looking directly at me.

''I'm her boyfriend Ace.'' I said while he nodded his head. ''Well Ace Alexis suffered from a tremendous fever of 102.3. We also found drugs in her system that may just be the cause of this whole thing. Her blood pressure was all the way up and there was major anxiety going on. She was in a state of shock do you have any idea what happened?''The doctor asked me.

I couldn't answer that shit I mean what was I suppose to tell him? She was kidnapped and drugged.

I sighed. ''Nah I don't know what happened is she okay?'' I asked wanting to know the state of my girlfriend already.

He nodded his head. ''We're doing everything we can for her. We relieved the drugs from her system and had to immediately calm her down. Her temperature and her blood pressure went down so she should be fine. We have to treat her body with lots of fluids though so she can gain her strength back especially since she's still carrying the baby.''He said.

''So the babies alright?'' I asked.

''Yes sir the babies fine thankfully. I don't know if many babies could survive from much like this, but they did. Now Alexis is under a lot of stress right now If you guys want an healthy pregnancy she has to relax if not it can affect the baby tremendously. I'm putting her on bed rest for a week she'll need to be watched carefully so that nothing goes wrong. It's gonna take some time for her body to bounce back.'' He said whileI nodded my head thank God they were okay. I was gone look after her carefully this time especially since she was going through it.''So can I see her?''

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