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Louis' POV

Is it true? Have I lost my mind? He likes boys. Finally now it's all making sense. He likes boys. I like this guy but he's on the fence. He likes boys. I can't believe it's happened again. He likes boys. Oh oh oh, boys!

Louis sighed in frustration from having the particularly annoying music flow through his ears and cloud his thoughts. He didn't know of anyone who could stand this song and quickly turned to see who was playing such horrid music only to find a very energetic Eleanor moving her shoulders to the beat of the song, trying to be seductive. He rolled his eyes at the sight while she sent him a flirtatious wink, wiggling her eyebrows, and attempting to sing along. Honestly, that girl was a serious case.

Louis was simply resting in the backseat of his father's limo, waiting for the stoplight to change from a bold red to a bright green, when, of course, she and her pink beetle had to come to a stop right next to him, infecting his ears with those hideous sounds. He was merely an innocent boy with dreams of a bright future filled with fortune and there she was, ruining his pure being with her pointless entity.

However, just when Louis thought it couldn't get any worse, she began to clap along while flashing him a bright, toothy grin, the sunlight bouncing off of the bits of silver peeking through her lips. "You've got cavities," Louis commented while leaning on his elbow, watching her dance pitifully. He wasn't trying to be rude and felt a bit bad when he saw her face instantly drop at his words, but he really, really wanted her to stop.

Unfortunately, she didn't quite get the hint and continued her pathetic show, not giving his insulting statement any attention. Really, Louis should've known she wouldn't stop so easily, but he needed her to know her place and that was far away from him. It wasn't because she was unattractive, no, nothing like that, but she truly was the weirdest person Louis has had the pleasure of meeting so far throughout his life. However, even so, she was actually a very nice person and Louis and her had been friends for a long time, but Louis couldn't recall a day that Eleanor and him had spent together without mocking the other in someway.

Suddenly, someone's horn sounded loudly on the narrow street, startling Eleanor who hurriedly proceeded to start her car once again, in hopes to not anger the driver further. Although, Louis' chauffeur had already turned the silver key hanging in the ignition and passed her pink piece of wonder all in the time it took for her to even think about turning her key.

Louis couldn't care less about her pace though because the only thing he cared about was getting away from her. While the sleek, black car began making it's way up the road, Louis couldn't resist giving Eleanor a sweet smile followed by an apologetic wave. Eleanor simply laughed at the gesture and mouthed 'bye' before she continued singing along to the horrid song she was listening to.

It didn't take much longer until the long, black vehicle was pulling to a stop at an extremely large, metal gate and Louis looked at it in excitement, knowing that, once it opened, he only had a few short seconds before he was finally in the confinements of his home. So, as Alfred, the chauffeur, typed in the code that opened the gates, Louis sat happily in the limo while tapping his foot in excitement. School drained Louis to his very core and once he finally arrived at his father's mansions, it was absolutely certain that the school day was over, thus, home was where he could rebuild his mental energy.

The residence then soon came into view, elating from its surroundings. The grand building was beset with lawn and the mansion itself looked between medieval but at the same time modern with turrets adorning its top. You could say that his dad owned quite a lot of money and he sure spent it on whatever came to his mind.

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