Chapter 1

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--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Readers POV*

I wake from a dreamless sleep. It's early(even for me). Hermione and Ginny are still sleeping. I tiptoe around the beds and into the hall, in nothing but my pajama pants and Weasley Christmas sweater from last year. The house is still silent and I consult the clock on the wall, 5:42.

The moon is still hanging up in the sky, just above the nearest hill when I creep down the stairs. I carefully avoid the ones i know will creak. Oddly enough, there's a light coming from the kitchen. Someone must have left a candle burning. My bare feet hit the cold wood floor of the living area and I breathe in a sigh of relief. I look back up the stairs and listen once again for any noise. Steady breathing fills the still house and I can almost swear I hear Ron snoring. I wander into the kitchen, thinking about how a cup of tea would be brilliant. 

I nearly fall backwards when I see Fred standing near the sink with an amused expression on his face. I clutch a hand to my racing heart and he chuckles softly over my alarmed look. I crinkle my nose at him then walk over to the cabinets. There's already a kettle warming in the stove, so hes made tea. I look around for a teacup and sigh when I notice all of them on the highest shelf. 

Hadn't they been on the lower one last night?

I look over at Fred who happened to be smirking into his cup. I glare at him and proceed to stand on my tiptoes to reach-to my dismay- the shelf under the fragile cups. I consider jumping up to get one but dismiss the thought. I would rather not be a rude house guest by breaking a shelf and dozens of teacups. I look over at him again and see him finishing his cup. He turns to me happily while sitting it on the counter. I look hopelessly to the cups. He full out grins and reaches up to get one for me.

Only to hit his hand on the next shelf and cause a random plate to drop. It shatters on the floor creating an insanely loud crash. 

The sound echoes around the house and I cover my mouth. I look up to Fred who is rather tense looking. We listen a moment longer, the house is still and silent. He seems to relax, when on the floor above is the quiet sound of a door opening. I look at him urgently. That sound had come from Mr. and Mrs. Weasley's room. 

All of the Weasley's were here for summer but Mrs. Weasley was the only one who could be heard now coming down the stairs. 

Fred looked towards the living area, panicked, then at the back door. He walks over to it and opens it, motioning for me to follow. I take one last at the stairs before flying out the door. Fred takes off running to the garden area and I follow. He crouches behind a lovely bush covered in fat purple blossoms. I squat beside him and steady my breathing. From the kitchen I hear a barely audible gasp and what I assume is the plate repairing itself. I look over to the ginger and he smiles at me. I allow myself a small smile.

"Well, good morning, Miss Y/L/N. How are you this fine day?" He looks to the moon, which is shining down and giving off as much light as the lumos spell. 

"Or is it night? Hm. How are you this fine... time?" He asks casually.

"Early morning." I confirm.

"Very good, How are you this fine early morning?"

"Brilliant. Only, some nitwit decided to move all of the teacups to a higher shelf and then decided to drop a plate, causing it to shatter," I pause pretending to think as I tap a finger against my chin,"Oh, yes, then this nitwit thought it well to flee the scene of the crime and hide behind a bush. Did I mention he dragged one of his best friends along with him? Even when he knows that they should both be inside." I finish. 

He thinks for a moment. "Well, maybe this nitwit isn't a nitwit at all. Maybe, he only wanted to talk to one of his best friends in a more comfortable environment." Fred stated, trying to sound smart.

I try so hard to keep a serious look on my face but fail and wind up with a smile.

"Ah, yes. A more 'comfortable' environment. There's nothing like bees buzzing around my head or gnomes nipping at my toes in darkness." 

He's about to retaliate when the back door opens and an irritated Mrs. Weasley appeared with her hands on her hips. 

"Fred Weasley! You best get back inside! And I know its you! That clock is good for something." With that cheerful note she closed the door and went inside. Through one of the windows I saw her sit at the table and open a cooking magazine. I turned to Fred with a worried look and he turned to me with an amused one.

"Your mum is going to kill you!" I whisper-shout. He looks shocked.

"Only me?"

I allow myself a small smirk, "I'll just say you took me prisoner."

He gaped at me life a fish out of water.

"Well Frederick? Do you have a plan to get into the house without being spotted?"

A slow smirk spread across his handsome features. 

"Actually, love, I do."

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